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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I just love doing housework!

Love to have dinner ready!
Like most sissies, I can sew! I have made only a few things from scratch and mostly with the help of my mother when I was a young sissy. But I can definitely repair hems and sew on buttons and things like that!

Sissy wives can sew, of course!
Because I had a day off I found myself trying to catch up on my domestic duties! As I sat there sewing in my short skirt and sweater the feeling came over me that I really do love housework! In addition to the sewing, I took care of the bills, ran and emptied the dishwasher, ran the washer and dryer, folded laundry, cleaned the toilets, made the bed, vacuumed, took care of the cat's needs and the kitty area, make a quick shopping trip, went to the liquor store to buy some of the superior wife's favorite wine.

Oh, I also cooked dinner because my wife has an even appointment. So she will stop home just long enough to eat and I will warm things up. I also baked some cookies! (Mostly for me as my superior wife really does not like to eat too many things like that!)

I love even housework like this!
While she is at her meeting, I will shower and shave smooth for her. The wine that I purchased will be ready for her when she comes home again. And I will be ready too! We'll have some wine and I will lick her to a couple of orgasms!

But getting back to the housework, I love doing it! I have such a wonderful life! I am so lucky to live my life as a sissy wife! It is such a small sacrifice for my superior wife to keep me as her sissy wife!

So how do you feel about doing housework? Like hit? Hate it? Put up with it?
And of course my No. 1 duty around the house! And my favorite of all!


  1. Stevie! You are a wonderful sissy housewife!

  2. Love doing housework, can't wait to put on my maid's uniform and get busy.

  3. All I can say to you Stevie is DITTO

  4. One regret I have in life is not insisting sissy maid kay did not learn to sew. I now believe sissies should be taught to sew extremely well. they should be able to make anything and everything.

  5. Since I revealed sissy, my place is to be a maid. Do all household duties without exception. It's wonderful not be manly man and be sissy maid.

  6. Love and excel at all, for Her Pleasure