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Monday, February 4, 2013

I owe my superior wife everything!

I owe my superior wife this kind of pleasure!
I would like to explain why I would be happy if my superior wife wanted to be with real men -- or if she already is doing it:

You see, I have always been a sissy as I have said earlier. I have always been attracted to men. But I also found that I was submissive to women.

Still, there was a point after college when I knew that wanted to be with men very badly. I had two flings with men who liked the fact that I was sissy T-girl. They like getting blow jobs! But they were just flings. One man was married. The other fling ended with I changed jobs and moved.

So  I ended up in a big city and started going to gay bars. I found that the great majority of men at gay bars were looking for manly men, just like I was. They were not looking for sissies. There were no more flings.

I thought was I going to end up alone, I really did. Then this woman took an interest in me, She had just come out of an abusive relationship and had pretty much had her fill of macho men. She herself was a confident, assertive woman, and did not want to be dominated by such men.

We started talking and spending time together, then going out. She liked how I treated her -- actually how I submitted to her! It was a chance for her to dominate and she loved that. So I ended up as her sissy wife, as you know if you have read previous posts!

The point is: I owe her everything! I was so fearful of ending up alone, like I said. I have no problem submitting to my superior wife and obeying her and just giving myself to her. I have always agreed to anything, just to keep her from leaving me.

So, the point is, if my superior wife has ever or wants to ever be pleasured by a real man -- to be driven to ecstasy by a real man's big cock -- I totally submit to that desire. If she has already done it on her business trips, well, we do not even talk about it because she knows that it is fine with me.

If she wants me to do all the housework -- which I do -- that is fine with me. I want to pleasure her in any way possible. I will gladly lick her over and over and over, as much as she wants, without thinking of any reciprocation on her part.

So that is how much I owe my superior wife! She pretty much "took me in" when I was shunned by the gay men. She gave me the opportunity to live the life of a submissive sissy. Do I still think about men? Of course, I do! But I can fantasize all I want! I am happy being a sissy wife!

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  1. I think you are the best. I love your honesty. My thing differs from yours, then again,no two of us completely alikke. I am aSissy wife and loving it. She is really getting used to it and having a grand time too. Keep up the posts. my fav,