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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The superior wife should do the driving!

The superior wife should always take
the wheel like this young lady!
Part of being a submissive sissy wife means that when you and your superior wife are traveling together in a vehicle you as the sissy wife never drives! Am I correct!

When we walk out to one of our vehicles, just naturally my superior wife has always headed to the driver's seat. And I naturally have always headed to the passenger side. I cannot recall ever discussing that that was how it was going to be. It just naturally occurred because my superior wife is such an assertive woman and I am such a submissive sissy.

Even with a big machine like this,
the superior wife should do
the driving, not a sissy!
Oh, the superior wife also gets to run the radio or music player! A sissy wife should just forget about ever doing that!

Now, because I take care of the household things so my superior wife can relax or whatever, I am responsible for keeping gas in the vehicles, tires, oil changes, inspections, registrations, getting them to the mechanic, etc.

Obviously, I am allowed to drive myself to work or drive when I am otherwise by myself. But when with the superior wife -- NEVER!

How is it with you and your superior wife?


  1. Driving is a power act or they would not have the saying "In the drivers seat". Do you control the remote? ha ha . Sissy is Sissy does. Since I stopped driving except for an occasssional errand I have discovered a scenery I never saw LOL. I love being driven after spending all week behind the sink and in front of the stove
    Hugs to all your readers
    You are the best

  2. As a symbol of her power/control, Your Mistress/Wife should have you carry the car keys when not driving and when you both get into the car have you offer the keys to her with the phrase " Please Mistress you drive" or somthing along those lines.

    Have a great week.

  3. I am not so much a sissy as a maid to my wife. And when we go out, I am more the chauffeur, so I drive. My wife would rather relax than have to concern herself with the traffic. She does of course control the radio and the air conditioning / heating. And I am responsible for keeping the car fueled and maintained.

  4. I take back what I said about never driving when with my wife. I never assume that I am driving, never automatically head to the driver sedat, but I do when my superior wife tells me to drive. Like Mark says, if I am told to be the chauffeur at any time because my superior wife does not want to deal with it that day, that is what I do.

  5. Yes, my Wife nearly always drives us.

  6. She is the One with the Brains, as well as powerful n beauty

  7. My superior wife always drives. She just heads to the driver's side of the car and i to the passenger side. That is just the way it is.

  8. Women and their cars... why is it they demand to buy a big powerful car or truck with a stick shift to show-off, and then get mad at males when we complain it makes it more difficult leaning over from the passenger seat and servicing them when they command us to???