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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ha ha! Be careful what you ask for!

A duty a sissy should perform for the dominant wife!

I have just always felt that drinking your superior wife's or your man's pee was something that you did for them to show your submission to them. Licking their asshole would be another thing. I don't know if they get much pleasure from getting their asshole licked, but the idea that they have a sissy girl doing that for them has to give them a power surge, I am sure!

So it was many years ago now that after I licked my superior wife to a couple of orgasms she naturally said she had to pee. I stopped her from getting out of our bed and I said something like, "Don't go, I'll take care of it for you."

Of course, she said, "What? What do you mean?"

I said, "Give me your pee."

She said, "If that's what you want ..... " and she proceeded to move her pussy up to my face and she peed in my mouth and I managed to drink it all down except for a couple of spurts where she missed my mouth!

I have to say that the actual drinking of the pee was not the greatest thing, but the fact that I did it certainly was! And I remember the next day after the first time how my superior wife was so much more dominant in our relationship and how I was so much more beneath her. I had, after all, just drank her piss!

So, moving on, my wife said she did not need to have me drink her pee every time. That that would be a bit much. And of course she was right. But through the years she has quite often had me drink her pee. Often, after I lick her to incredible orgasms, she will do it because she is so turned on. Sometimes, she will just say she is too tired to head to the bathroom and that I should take care of her. And other times, I have been so turned on that I ask to drink her pee and she gives it to me as a reward for giving her several great orgasms with the same mouth!

So does anyone else drink pee from their superior wife?


  1. Great Blog, love the feeling of being under a woman's pussy as the wonderful warm fluid fills my mouth and tummy.

  2. as love as the giver is healthy, drinking is a wonderful tribute. Everyone needs to try this at least once

  3. I would love to... If I weren't such a sissy, I'd have the balls to ask her, lol! She's made some comments that she wouldn't like that (sigh). Still, love this post and the thought! Sara

  4. Awesome to be managed or under control as such