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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pleasuring wife makes tough day worthwhile!

I've been just sweeping away
like Jonelle Brooks all day today!
I've spent ALL DAY today cleaning the house for the superior wife! I don't mind that at all, but I also spent a lot of time doing our taxes. Local, state and federal. And the local is separate returns. The federal is complicated as you know and I could not even finish because I need some other form.

My mind is fried and I cannot wait until the superior wife gets home from her office so we can have some dinner and some wine and I will take my place in front of her sweet pussy and lick and suck her to some wondrous orgasms and then just have her hold me because I've had such a tough day!

I have to confess that I look for sympathy so she will hold me and caress me like a weak little girl after I pleasure her! All the while I am telling my superior wife what I tough and busy day I've had!


  1. Since I am Sissy I do home cleaning.
    This life is new to me. I think if I compensate my wife like this, she will continue to accept to be my wife. Am I right?

  2. You could be right, Claudia. And I hope you are. My superior wife has her reasons for keeping me, a sissy wife, and not dumping me for a real man. My superior wife and I are soul mates, best friends, girlfriends. As I have written before, she had a bad experience with a macho guy and she found she preferred to have someone submissive like me. Not to mention that I treat her pretty nice. And that includes being her housewife!

  3. I can see and understand how pleasuring ones Wife, would somehow ease your stress:)