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Friday, March 15, 2013

What would you do?

What would you do if you walked in on your superior wife -- who said she was  going to be out shopping with her mother -- and you found her in this position?

Look at the expression on her face! It's sheer joy. It's naughty. It's devious. She loves having that big black cock up her ass! It's already been in her mouth and in her sweet pussy. She certainly is not going to run and hide as you look into her bedroom.

But the thing that really caught my eye in this photo is the look on her lover's face! She did not tell him about the sissy pansy wife. The one standing there in her short shorts with her shaved legs and little titties showing through her tank top. He says who the fuck are you? Get the fuck out of here! What do you do?

I say get the fuck out of there! That man could looks like he could really hurt me! He looks mean! And my superior wife likes the way he is! Sometimes she craves a real man after being around a sissy girl so much who is only good for licking her to orgasms.

I would shut that door, but I would listen as that beautiful man pounds my superior wife's asshole. Listen as she screams in ecstasy. Listen as he groans loudly when he pumps his load into her ass.

I would strain to hear them make small talk as he takes my superior wife in his strong arms and holds her after their hours of love-making. Listen as she grinds her beautiful body against his his. Listen as the talk becomes about me and she tells him that I am just her sissy wife and to please not hurt me. Listen as they make plans to meet again and again.

I do my housework as they continue to cuddle and kiss and when her man must leave he scowls at me on his way out, making me feel more so than ever like the weak effeminate sissy that I am.


  1. I agree with you Steve. I would do as I was told. I would spend the rest of the day hoping my wife would let me lick her clean of his load after he left though.

  2. I would be very jealous if I seen them together....maybe because I would want to be in her place. I think weak,effeminate sissies love to feel helpless against big strong aggressive men. There is that feeling deep inside me that loves being helpless when I see a BIG strong angry COCK ! The thought of that beautiful cock having it`s way with me makes me so queasy inside. My little clittie starts to feel helpless as it stirs in my sissy panties. I know deep down inside that I want to be ravished, I want to feel that cock violate my sissy cunt. How wonderful would it be if he took me right there in front of my wife? I couldn`t deny that I am a natural born cock lover ...she would know the minute he fucked me like a girl .I couldn`t resist moaning like a Bitch in heat as he gave me a good Fucking. It would prove to her that her sissy husband was made to serve cocks .I know it is what I need & what I deserve. She knows what a sissy I am & would enjoy watching him dominate me. I would be so humiliated with her watching as I sucked him while on my knees. Then to watch as his big strong cock assaults that sweet helpless girlish fanny of her Faggot husband over & over again. I`m certain I would not be able to hold back the tears as she tells him to Fuck me like the Sissy bitch I am. Tears of both pleasure & humiliation....that would be delicious!!!