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Monday, July 11, 2016

We were born to be submissive!

I know I was born to serve like this girl!
You just do it because you were born a submissive sissy!
sissy terri, commented on my mentioning how I need structure in my life, so I have more to say about that!

I have always been submissive in all ways, always a follower but never a leader. Always waited to be told what to do. But that is the way I was and still am.

I was the sissy in high school along with the other sissies who emptied the trash from the trays of the alpha boys just because they told you to do it!

I was the sissy who, because they were not good at any sport, would be the equipment manager whose duties included collecting and laundering the boys' jock straps.

I was the sissy who, once it got around that you gave blowjobs, were expected to do it anytime the alpha boys demanded it.

I was the sissy college intern at the office who was told to go for coffee or pick up the carryout order for the real men, something I still do to this day.

And now I am the sissy wife for a woman who is much more superior than me. I fit right in following and submitting to her.

But that is the way it has always been! I was born to be submissive and to serve and to be nurturing of men and women superior to me. I have to say there have been times when I felt like such a loser, but generally I have accepted the way am and have been happy with it! Never really had a choice about who I am!


  1. i did not know i was a submissive sissy. Mistress Barbara knew long before me and led the way. i love and thank Her daily.

  2. hmm.................nice good sissy..............just like me.......i like being submissive and i like to carry out orders from real guys,,,,,hmmm i was not meant to be real man n like it that way....

  3. Stevie - don't fret, you are in the vanguard of what the future holds for males.. As the Female Sex increasingly assumes Her proper position more and more and more males shall be following you into feminized servitude to the superior female. Ex-macho boys will be asking you for advice on the ways to serve and to present themselves to the Superior Sex.

  4. You present here precisely the sissy(sub) i would like to be. Thank You for showing me my real me.

  5. Wonderful hun! I feel the same way and adore my lady as well. She knows shes the only female i could or would ever be with and also knows like i do that im not a man but a submissive shemale sissyslut