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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A sissy wife's problem: Whose panties are they?

A sissy wife's problem: 
Whose panties are these?
I spent yesterday doing my regular chores but also washing my superior wife's dainty things. And well, my dainty things as well!

I guess I let her dainties pile up because she went to look for something in her dresser drawer and it was not there and I got scolded for not keeping up with the hand washing!

So I headed right down to the laundry room to get her dainties hand washed right away!

But what was funny was there was a pair of lacy panties that did not have a tag on them nor a size printed on them. Being a silly sissy, I did not know if they were my wife's or mine!

Simple solution though: I just tried them on and though they almost fit me, I had to figure they were my wife's.

While I am doing this I had to laugh to myself! And I was thinking, how many real men come across the problem where they do not know if a pair of panties that were laundered belong to their wife or are theirs! Not many, I would imagine! And I bet not many even do the laundry, let alone hand wash the dainty things!

But I have never really been a real male! I have just had that detested extra body part! And I have been into panties since I was about 12 or so. Wearing them myself, now taking care of my superior wife's! So I know a lot about panties! And other lingerie!

I have a least one other panties story that popped into my head, but hopefully you may have one you might want to tell us about!


  1. My house mate and I are the same size and we do all our washing together for ease, lol. We never get mixed up though 'cos my underwear is far more girly than hers! lol

  2. I have the same problem sometimes. We both wear the same size panties and sometimes they get mixed up.

  3. My superior wife is a size 6 in panties; I am a size 7. That is not a very big difference. Depending on the brand, our panties could fit each other. That is why I sometimes have some confusion when the tag is missing. We also wear the same size bra. Other things such as dresses and slack, not so close.

  4. This is indeed a special dilemma for sissies.

  5. Wife and I used to buy same style of pantys, miniskirts and shows, but we are different size, so you can tell apart easy. On bras we have different styles and sizes. She's 34B and I'm 36D