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Monday, May 13, 2013

Doing my housework in thigh highs!

These are nice items to
wear when a sissy does
her housework!
My superior wife expects me to be in various states of undress or in various female clothing when around the house. 

And this is true depending on what company we have as well. If it is one of her close friends, for example, someone who knows what is going on with us, she will have me wear just panties or a mini-dress. If she does not want the company to know about us, then I will wear normal drab attire. 

But back to when we are alone! I have found that something that I enjoy wearing around the house when I am doing chores for my superior wife are those thigh-high stockings with the elastic top. And a pair of heels. Most of the time I will wear panties or a thong because my wife does not particularly want to see my little sissy clitty. Sometimes I will wear a bra.

My superior wife
loves to smack
my sissy behind
when I am doing
my houswork!
My wife likes me working in lingerie because when I come by she can smack me on the behind! She gets great enjoyment from that!

Now, I also do my housework in just panties or a thong. Sometimes in a chemise. Sometimes in a short dress. But the thigh highs are a favorite. I think I like them more than stockings with a garter belt because I find they fit me better. The sheer stockings do not seem to long enough.

What do you wear when you are doing housework for your superior wife!


  1. I also dress up when doing my chores. I usually have a little maids outfit but it is a teddy with garters and stockings with heels and a lace apron. I also wear that when we have company and I am serving drinks and snacks.

    When we have company that doesn't know about our lifestyle I still wear woman's stretch jeans or woman's stretch dress slacks. Sometimes my wife has me wear my spandex running pants or spandex bike shorts. She just says to tell them I was out running or biking.

    If I was out biking in my spandex bike shorts I wear pantyhose with them or tights if it's cool out and when I get home and my wife wants to go shopping she will take me just like that. She doesn't seem to be bothered if anyone sees me wearing pantyhose with shorts even if we run into friends or relatives.

    1. you are so lucky, I be searching for someone to dress and sissfy me

  2. My superior wife has not put me in uncomfortable spots either, like you said. If company knows about our lifestyle, knows that I am a sissy wife, then I serve them in various states of lingerie or other feminine clothing. If they do not, I still serve them but on more unisex clothing. Now, in the summer time, there is no way getting around serving them in short shorts and putting on display what a sissy you are!