LOOKING FOR SIMILAR BLOGS: Do you know any other blogs about a sissy or T-girl being the real wife? Especially if it contains real-life stories, as opposed to just porn? And even better if if is from the female's point of view? Drop me an e-mail or add to a comment you might make!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Forced sex reassignment stories?

Anyone know of any story sites that have stories about a dominant wife requiring the sissy wife to undergo sex reassignment surgery?

Maybe because she has taken a lover who is a real man?

A man with a huge thick cock that brings her to ecstasy over and over and over and over.

That's compared to your little sissy clitty that is more like a peanut!

And after the surgery, the sissy wife in the stories is forced to serve the happy couple?

I find such a story idea quite exciting!

Hopefully there are some stories out there on such an exciting topic!


  1. Fictionmania, if this site was a magazine the pages would be stuck together !

  2. fictionmania.tv and asstr.org best places

  3. Thanks for the replies. I looked through some. Some obviously are much better written than others. Will keep looking though!

  4. You might want to check my Fictionmania story, A SPELL REVERSED. The husband is transformed by magic and part of what you're seeking is included.

  5. http://www.fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=3432593957336246155

  6. You could also try literotica.com

  7. lushstores.com is also pretty good. I will check these other out too!