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Friday, May 24, 2013

Why don't you see sissy wives-to-be?

Why don't you see couples like
this when a state approves
same-sex marriage? Oh, that's the
beautiful Vaniity!
I was wondering something: When you see on the news a happy crowd of gays or lesbians when a state approves same-sex marriage, have you ever seen a couple consisting of a man and T-girl? I was thinking about it and I have not.

You see the two men. You see the two women. But I have never seen a man with his T-girl wife-to-be! His soon to be sissy wife! It could be the crowd is so big I just have not seen such a couple. But you would think that the news networks would end up finding one and showing them.

Now, of course, if a woman marries a sissy T-girl, that technically is not a same-sex marriage. Even if the T-girl is wearing a wedding gown, that still does not make it a same-sex marriage. And you don't see too many pictures from weddings such as those either, do you?

Actually, I have seen a man and his obvious sissy wife in public only a few times. Much more common is seeing a woman and her sissy wife! I know because we are such a couple and I have been out in public with my superior wife. And it is so obvious that I am indeed a sissy wife! 

I can spot sissy wives like me out there! I guess it's like "gaydar." Of course, when a sissy wife is wearing shorter shorts than the woman she is with, well, that's easy to spot!

But getting back to the original point: I searched photos of "same-sex wedding" and have yet to find a photo of a man and T-girl. I will keep looking!


  1. You are looking in the wrong part of the world. Take a look in Asia where there are a lot of men (mostly Western men like me) who have had or are in LTR (as strong as any hetero marriage) with ts women and when same sex marriage is legalized in Asia there will be many of us who will walk the aisle with our baby girls in bridal gowns on our arms.

  2. I've not seen any pics of TVs with their men, either! Must be a societal thing.

    I'm a sissy and always dress accordingly, but I'm not a wife. Whenever I'm with a man and I get seen by straight women and men I'm often the subject of rude comments from both! People say the dumbest things, lmao!

    It's only a matter of time, so keep looking, Stevie!

  3. I don't know, but it seems to me that in these times of growing same-sex marriage acceptance and legality that a man and a feminine T-girl would be accepted even more than a man and a man. So hopefully that will be the case soon!