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Friday, June 28, 2013

Why I would want my superior wife to be with real men!

My superior wife spent a lot of time in this position during her "wild child" college years, or so she tells me!

My superior wife has never hesitated to talk about the men she has had inside of her! 

She tells me how she was a "wild child" in her college years and even started giving a lot of BJs in her high school years! Wait! I always tell her, that sounds like me too! And we always have a good laugh and start to compare some of the guys we've been with!

Psychologists try to figure out why someone would want to be a cuckold. I would tell them this:

Knowing my superior wife's past of being fucked by many guys and her love of sucking the cocks of many guys, I often feel guilty that I may be keeping her from that. Well, I am not really keeping her from doing it; she is free to do what she wants. Even though I suspect that she may doing things here and there on her trips out of town, my superior wife has settled into a loyal and loving relationship with me.

I have stated early on how my wife before I met her was in an abusive relationship with a man. The guy wanted to control every aspect of her life, including what job she took and where she lived. Actually, that was her partner just before me. She swore to never be in such a situation again. She loves being with a submissive partner -- that's me! Someone who takes care of her needs without any hesitation. -- that me again!

But, and this is a big BUT: I still have feelings for men and sometimes really miss the days when I was a cocksucker. Good thing I was always submissive to gals as well. I am sure she also misses those days. I could never keep her from doing that is she so desired. I, as a cuckold, would be loyal and denied from also doing that. Unless it was to serve her man, of course.

I think about this a lot. It's one of my greatest fantasies! I am pretty sure she does play around on her business trips, but again, I do not really know how much. I say, good for her!

What are your feelings about your superior wife playing around? Does she ever tell you about the guys she's been with like my wife does? Or maybe you really are a cuckold and how do you feel about that?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This would be how I would renew my vows!

I want to wear this gown
at my renewal of sissy wife vows!
 I just adore this short gown! If my superior wife ever wanted to renew our wedding vows I would want to be wearing something like this!

Obviously, I would wear this to show everyone my status as a sissy wife! I don't know if my superior wife would want to wear something similar, something longer, or maybe even something more masculine like a tuxedo. She might want to wear a nice pantsuit maybe.

But I believe there is only one choice for a sissy wife to wear at her wedding and that would be something like this! 

Wait, maybe some sissy wives would be ordered to stand there in just white wedding lingerie! That would be pretty great too!

Now, I am assuming that such a renewal of vows would include guests who already know of our lifestyle of me being a sissy wife. Included in the guests would be other dominant women and sissy wives.

So, the sissy wive, as a sign of devotion and submission to the dominant wife, should really be dressed as feminine and as possible. But I saw this and this is how I would want to be! How would you want your renewal of sissy wife vows to be?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Need your sissy wife lifestyle responses!

Spanking my sissy behind
is something that gives my
superior wife enjoyment!
I was wondering today how other sissy wife couples do things in certain areas? If you could respond to each area like I am going to do, that would be super!

SEX: It is completely, absolutely controlled by my superior wife, strictly for her pleasure. Since I do have such a little sissy clitty, it is pretty much ignored. I am not saying 100 percent because maybe four times a year she might give me oral pleasure and I have to swallow the little load that comes out, of course. I do not ever penetrate her because it is a waste of time, but we occasionally use dildos and vibrators for her pleasure.

CUNNILINGUS: The main thing is me giving her oral pleasure, as much as she wants it and when she wants it. I absolutely love doing it but  I am so envious because I wish I could be her with the pussy and all and receiving such pleasure. I love when she moans and screams in ecstasy and do not mind at all being denied.

ANALINGUS: I love kissing and licking and tonguing her asshole. But it is not so much the act of doing it, but the fact that the act is occurring at all. I mean, it takes a lot of devotion to make oral love to another person's asshole. My superior wife loves that she has the power over me. Oh, she does say it feels good.

STRAP-ONS: We have never used one! My wife figures, what pleasure is in it for her, except maybe the idea that she is taking me from behind in her dominant role. But she would rather be on the receiving end of my tongue.

DRESSING: My superior wife prefers several ways for me to be around the house, but that fluctuates between being naked, in just panties, in various lingerie, in a camisole or in a short dress. Outside the house, I am to wear girlie items even if they are just jeans and shorts and tops. Pretty much what she wears. But as longtime T-girl, this is the preferable way for me to dress anyway.

B & D: My superior wife does like to spank me, paddle me and crop me on the sissy behind. Sometimes, but not all the time, she will tie me up but mostly I am just expected to lie still and take it. She has expressed to me that she wants to crop my little sissy clitty, but it has been more of a threat because she has yet to do it. She does like to twist and bite my nipples until they are really sore and she has me screaming. She has also said to me that she would like to  try using a bull whip on me just because she said it looks like it would be fun trying to learn how to use it. She has not done that either, but mentions it a lot.

CUCKOLDING: She has not introduced it yet. And I feel it is not my position to do so. But, as I have written before, she does socialize with men,, has gone out dancing with men, has gone on business trips with men and has also socialized with men she has met on those trips. We do not talk about what she does when she meets up with these men, but I would have think there have been things going on. I feel, as a sissy wife, it is not my position to ask her about it or even disapprove of it -- and frankly, I do not disapprove. I am afraid that even if I did disapprove, she might give me the boot.

So, I am thinking if would be really cool if sissy wives could address those areas for the benefit and reading enjoyment of the other sissy wives who look in here!

Friday, June 7, 2013

When the sissy wife is the entertainment!

My superior wife loves to relax on the couch watching television after a stressful day at her office being a supervisor.

A lot of times after I have prepared and served her a nice dinner she will put on just a robe and head to the couch. When the robe comes off that is my signal to get between her legs and get to work pleasuring her sweet pussy! I would spend all of my time between her legs anyway, but I give her her space until she wants it. Lucky for me, that is a lot! 

And lucky for us we have that DVR, because when I am pleasuring her pussy she certainly cannot concentrate on her TV show and has to run it back to where it was before I started licking her! So I give her a glorious orgasm and we cuddle up so she can watch the rest of her show.