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Monday, June 10, 2013

Need your sissy wife lifestyle responses!

Spanking my sissy behind
is something that gives my
superior wife enjoyment!
I was wondering today how other sissy wife couples do things in certain areas? If you could respond to each area like I am going to do, that would be super!

SEX: It is completely, absolutely controlled by my superior wife, strictly for her pleasure. Since I do have such a little sissy clitty, it is pretty much ignored. I am not saying 100 percent because maybe four times a year she might give me oral pleasure and I have to swallow the little load that comes out, of course. I do not ever penetrate her because it is a waste of time, but we occasionally use dildos and vibrators for her pleasure.

CUNNILINGUS: The main thing is me giving her oral pleasure, as much as she wants it and when she wants it. I absolutely love doing it but  I am so envious because I wish I could be her with the pussy and all and receiving such pleasure. I love when she moans and screams in ecstasy and do not mind at all being denied.

ANALINGUS: I love kissing and licking and tonguing her asshole. But it is not so much the act of doing it, but the fact that the act is occurring at all. I mean, it takes a lot of devotion to make oral love to another person's asshole. My superior wife loves that she has the power over me. Oh, she does say it feels good.

STRAP-ONS: We have never used one! My wife figures, what pleasure is in it for her, except maybe the idea that she is taking me from behind in her dominant role. But she would rather be on the receiving end of my tongue.

DRESSING: My superior wife prefers several ways for me to be around the house, but that fluctuates between being naked, in just panties, in various lingerie, in a camisole or in a short dress. Outside the house, I am to wear girlie items even if they are just jeans and shorts and tops. Pretty much what she wears. But as longtime T-girl, this is the preferable way for me to dress anyway.

B & D: My superior wife does like to spank me, paddle me and crop me on the sissy behind. Sometimes, but not all the time, she will tie me up but mostly I am just expected to lie still and take it. She has expressed to me that she wants to crop my little sissy clitty, but it has been more of a threat because she has yet to do it. She does like to twist and bite my nipples until they are really sore and she has me screaming. She has also said to me that she would like to  try using a bull whip on me just because she said it looks like it would be fun trying to learn how to use it. She has not done that either, but mentions it a lot.

CUCKOLDING: She has not introduced it yet. And I feel it is not my position to do so. But, as I have written before, she does socialize with men,, has gone out dancing with men, has gone on business trips with men and has also socialized with men she has met on those trips. We do not talk about what she does when she meets up with these men, but I would have think there have been things going on. I feel, as a sissy wife, it is not my position to ask her about it or even disapprove of it -- and frankly, I do not disapprove. I am afraid that even if I did disapprove, she might give me the boot.

So, I am thinking if would be really cool if sissy wives could address those areas for the benefit and reading enjoyment of the other sissy wives who look in here!


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  2. My sissy wants to respond to your post, but he is otherwise occupied between my thighs right now, so I am responding on his behalf. You'll notice that I refer to him as a male and as my husband; at this point in our relationship we emphasize the fact that he's a slave more than a sissy. (We aren't sure how fully into sissification we want to progress.)

    SEX: We still have sex, but absolutely only when I want it. The only time we have intercourse is when I literally straight-out order him to put his cock inside me because I want it so much. This happens less and less frequently the more dominant I get, but it happens at least a couple times a month.

    CUNNILINGUS: Well, that's happening right now. Not much tops it. My slave tells me that he loves worshiping my pussy, and he begs me to be allowed to do it all the time. He still whimpers with horniness afterward, but he tells me that he would rather be able to please me with his tongue than cum himself. If it means I get the ultimate pleasure, he is eager to be denied.

    ANALINGUS: We have not yet tried this, and are not sure we want to.

    STRAP-ONS: We are just now deciding on a strap-on to buy that will stimulate me while I fuck my sissy. I like the idea of tormenting him and forcing him to beg me to do it, and so does he. This has long been a fantasy of his, and I'm willing to indulge it for the enjoyment of the control exercise.

    DRESSING: As I describe in detail in my blog, I recently discovered that we are both aroused by dressing my slave in women's panties. We ordered him several pretty pairs a few days ago. Since then I have made him wear them around the house and under his normal clothes frequently. When at home, he is usually naked and collared. We plan to get him a maid outfit for weekends of domestic servitude. When cooking for me he wears a frilly red apron. In public, though, he dresses normally.

    B & D: My sissy loves to be tied up, teased, spanked or cropped on the butt and thighs, and nipple clamped. I love doing it to him as well.

    CUCKOLDING: We both intend to remain monogamous throughout our marriage, and that is a ground rule between us that will not be crossed. It simply isn't something either of us wants.

    It should be interesting to read others' responses about these matters. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Some good questions and here are my responses for how it works for Owner and i.

    SEX - we do not have penetrative sex i.e. with me penetrating her, although She does penetrate me (see later answer). Most of the time i am kept in chastity although there are periods when i am released.

    CUNNILINGUS - yes i love it (giving) and Owner loves to receive. She also likes to sit on my face whilst i pleasure Her with my tongue and She arouses Herself further with Her vibrator. However, sometimes She gags me and just rides my gagged mouth whilst Her vibrator does the work.

    ANALINGUS - this is actually my favourite activity and Owner sometimes lets me lick Her delightful anus as a special treat whilst She masturbates, there is nothing better in the world than being permitted to lick Her arse.

    STRAP-ONS - absolutely! We both love Owners strap-on. She says She loves to fuck me and i adore being fucked by Her. He have a vibrating one so that Owner receives pleasurable stimulation whilst She is penetrating me. She also likes to face fuck me with it. Owner always refers to fucking my 'pussy'.

    DRESSING - i have become much more feminine over time so what started out as the occasional bit of feminine attire outside the house (aside from knickers) and a touch of make-up is now a situation where all bar the very odd item of my clothes are female clothes and i wear make-up every day. However, i wear skirts often outside the house whereas at home i am always in them.

    B&D - i am always collared (at home and outside) apart from at night and at home i am always cuffed too in Owners presence. Owner likes to spank and cane me and we have a regular routine of these. Owner also likes to torment my nipples and can/spank my chastised clitty.

    CUCKOLDING - Owner has never expressed a desire for this and this is not something that features in our relationship.


  4. Sex: We do have sex but only at the most four or five times per year. My wife loves sex but says I'm not that good at it.

    CUNNILINGUS: Yes all the time. I spend many hours between my wife's legs. She says that's one thing I do well. She also love sitting on my face.It gives her orgasm after orgasm.

    ANALINGUS: All the time. My wife love my head burred in her ass and my tongue up her hole. It brings her to several orgasms. I love doing it because she enjoys it so muck.

    STRAP-ONS: My wife love the dominating aspect of using a strap on. She has one for fun and it feels really good while stimulating her too. She also has a punishment one that is huge and is used when she is angry with me.

    DRESSING: My wife loves to dress me both in private and in public. I wear lingerie at home and panties 24/7. She takes me to her aerobics class dressed in leotards and tights. We go running and bike riding and she makes me wear pantyhose with my spandex bike shorts. She also takes me shopping with my shorts and pantyhose. If it's cool out she will have me wear tights with my shorts when we go to the mall. A few times coming home from aerobics class she made me go into a store in my leotards and tights. She has also taking me out in a mini skirt and stockings.

    B&D: I do get spanked when I am naughty. Mostly OTK but if I really do something bad she will strap me to her spanking horse and whip me. I also get my mouth washed with soap, an enema and a spanking if I swear.

    CUCKOLDING: My wife does date other men sometimes because I'm not that good in bed so she does need some enjoyment and penetration that I can't give her.

  5. Oh come on. This post has been view more than 400 times, but there have been only three responses. All very awesome, I might add. You do not have to write at length like the responses already there, but if you could address some of those points it would be great reading for us other sissy wives. And after all, do you not want to express your feelings about your sissy wife lifestyle.

  6. Sex: I don't do sex with my wife, my penis is not manly.
    Cunnilingus: Just what I know do in my wife's vagina. My wife loves it and I love also.
    Analingus: is not very common but sometimes when I do cunnilingus I do analingus.
    Strapon: I do not like and my wife never suggested. I think my wife would not accept.
    Dressing: Aprons with frills, naked or just t-shirt without the panties. My wife loves to see my penis to swing and I love feel.
    B&D: No. My wife doesn't like.
    Cuckolding: As a result I be sissy. My wife is a woman and need manly penis. My wife and I agreed that she could go out with other men. I am very submissive and never do questions about her adventures.

  7. Hi Stevy

    I first must say I am a submissive husband to a superior wife. Out life style is open but the look is still very conventional. I'm a crossdresser and a syssy and i like it.

    SEX: We both start and stop the action at any time. Most of the time is me licking my wife clit and labia and pleasing her as she demands.

    CUNNILINGUS: Is the main thing. I love lincking her pussy and eating their juices as long as she wants. Usually it ends with her having several orgasm with my thong and her fingers.

    ANALINGUS: I do it on demand only. Is not one of my favorites but I have done it for her as she wanted.

    STRAP-ONS: Off course. At the begining I was begging her tu try the strap on and fuck me. Later I try and fuck her. Finally she is the one that uses the strap on and fucks me hard. She likes it so much some times I have to say no.

    DRESSING: We dress normal at home couse we have kids. I have teached my wife to wear light, short, skinny and sexy while at home couse I enjoy the beauty of her.

    While we go out we can go as classic M-F couple. Some times I dress as Woman and we go as a F-TGirl couple. We enjoy that and we kiss in public.

    B & D: We have not try it couse it raises some concerns for my wife. She had a very bad experience while a child. We don't want to trigger bad memories of that so we stay away from chains, ropes and cuffs.

    CUCKOLDING: I would fit on the cuckold role but I don't like the humilliation, We prefer to be a swinger loving couple. I can share my wife with other men as long as there are no sentiments involved. She can go out and fuck as she wants meantime i take care of the kids, but i want all the dirty details and a wet pussy when she came back.

    We have a litte problem here as she as dominant can go out and fuck and she has stated I can not go out and fuck without her. I don't like that but I comply, and cheat sometimes. I try not to cheat on her and I prefer we both go on threesomes and swingers partys.

    So I was in the middle of something. Stevy, I regret I falled down on some point.