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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The ideal married couple!

Being like this is why
all couples would
be happy!
I found this photo on Tumblr and it jumped out at me: This is the way all marriages should be! The world would be a much nicer place!

Get rid of testosterone! Femininity and estrogen should rule! Maybe if all males were  feminized then there would be peace in the world!

I would rather the world would be a sissy, faggy place than the crazy, militaristic, deadly place it is today!

On a much more minor scale, our household is tranquil because my superior wife is in control and I am feminized and I submit to her. Our household is a gentle, loving place because I never ever raise my voice to my superior wife! I trust in her decisions and I am meek and I do what I am told.

I have relatives -- regular couples -- who are divorced because they were already at odds with one another. I have many more friends who are like that too. People that I know where the male is a feminized sissy wife, well, they have great marriages. That's because the sissy wife is putting out 400 percent effort to make the marriage work, putting the superior wife's needs and comfort and, especially, her sexual pleasure first and foremost!

So wouldn't it be great if all couples could be like the one in the photo!


  1. I said a long time ago that if everybody wore panties there would be a lot less wars! lol

  2. I entirely agree with you. For thousands of years men have ruled and look at all the wars they have caused. Put men in panties and nigtie's...have them serve their wives and the world will be a much happier safer place to live