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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This would be how I would renew my vows!

I want to wear this gown
at my renewal of sissy wife vows!
 I just adore this short gown! If my superior wife ever wanted to renew our wedding vows I would want to be wearing something like this!

Obviously, I would wear this to show everyone my status as a sissy wife! I don't know if my superior wife would want to wear something similar, something longer, or maybe even something more masculine like a tuxedo. She might want to wear a nice pantsuit maybe.

But I believe there is only one choice for a sissy wife to wear at her wedding and that would be something like this! 

Wait, maybe some sissy wives would be ordered to stand there in just white wedding lingerie! That would be pretty great too!

Now, I am assuming that such a renewal of vows would include guests who already know of our lifestyle of me being a sissy wife. Included in the guests would be other dominant women and sissy wives.

So, the sissy wive, as a sign of devotion and submission to the dominant wife, should really be dressed as feminine and as possible. But I saw this and this is how I would want to be! How would you want your renewal of sissy wife vows to be?


  1. I would love to wear that dress too at my wedding vows renewal in front of friends and family.