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Friday, June 7, 2013

When the sissy wife is the entertainment!

My superior wife loves to relax on the couch watching television after a stressful day at her office being a supervisor.

A lot of times after I have prepared and served her a nice dinner she will put on just a robe and head to the couch. When the robe comes off that is my signal to get between her legs and get to work pleasuring her sweet pussy! I would spend all of my time between her legs anyway, but I give her her space until she wants it. Lucky for me, that is a lot! 

And lucky for us we have that DVR, because when I am pleasuring her pussy she certainly cannot concentrate on her TV show and has to run it back to where it was before I started licking her! So I give her a glorious orgasm and we cuddle up so she can watch the rest of her show.


  1. Stevie, your wife is a lucky woman! Sounds like you are really focused on her pleasure. I like the fact that you give her space until the signal you both understand means she wants her pleasure. My husband/slave could use some improvement in that area! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts and seeing life through the eyes of a slave and getting some new perspective on my relationship with my husband.

  2. Mistress K: The thing about me is that I have always been submissive. It did not just become some fetish some day. That is how I have always been. Also, through the years I have learned how my superior wife wants to do things and like you said, her signals. Another thing, my superior wife is really nice to me, but I never demand anything of her. She likes it that way.

  3. mm I'd like to lick up all her sweet juices till she begged for me to stop I just love licking pussy what can I say I love the taste and the smell and the look she makes when she's cumming so many times