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Friday, June 28, 2013

Why I would want my superior wife to be with real men!

My superior wife spent a lot of time in this position during her "wild child" college years, or so she tells me!

My superior wife has never hesitated to talk about the men she has had inside of her! 

She tells me how she was a "wild child" in her college years and even started giving a lot of BJs in her high school years! Wait! I always tell her, that sounds like me too! And we always have a good laugh and start to compare some of the guys we've been with!

Psychologists try to figure out why someone would want to be a cuckold. I would tell them this:

Knowing my superior wife's past of being fucked by many guys and her love of sucking the cocks of many guys, I often feel guilty that I may be keeping her from that. Well, I am not really keeping her from doing it; she is free to do what she wants. Even though I suspect that she may doing things here and there on her trips out of town, my superior wife has settled into a loyal and loving relationship with me.

I have stated early on how my wife before I met her was in an abusive relationship with a man. The guy wanted to control every aspect of her life, including what job she took and where she lived. Actually, that was her partner just before me. She swore to never be in such a situation again. She loves being with a submissive partner -- that's me! Someone who takes care of her needs without any hesitation. -- that me again!

But, and this is a big BUT: I still have feelings for men and sometimes really miss the days when I was a cocksucker. Good thing I was always submissive to gals as well. I am sure she also misses those days. I could never keep her from doing that is she so desired. I, as a cuckold, would be loyal and denied from also doing that. Unless it was to serve her man, of course.

I think about this a lot. It's one of my greatest fantasies! I am pretty sure she does play around on her business trips, but again, I do not really know how much. I say, good for her!

What are your feelings about your superior wife playing around? Does she ever tell you about the guys she's been with like my wife does? Or maybe you really are a cuckold and how do you feel about that?

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