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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I dreamed of being girlie; wife dreamed of being in charge!

When I was in grade school, I
dreamed of being a cheerleader
just like this pretty girl!
My superior wife and I were out for a road trip last weekend and we drove through my little home town. I mentioned that my friend's dad drove the firetruck at the fire station we passed.

I said how we got to hang around the fire station and drink pop and sit in the truck when we were in grade school. She asked what I wanted at that time to be when I grew up? A fireman? A policeman? A soldier?

Then she laughed and said, "A princess?" There was a long pause as we drove along. And then I laughed and said, "No, not really. I wanted to be a cheerleader."

She laughed some more and said, "I should have known!"

I continued, "No, really. I would go to the high school football and basketball games. I would sit with the girls and the other sissies up close to the cheerleaders and repeat their cheers. I wanted to be like them so much! They were pretty and got to wear those short skirts. They were the center of attention and after the game the football players and the other hunky boys would give them attention. I tried to never miss a game because I wanted to see them. And that's what I dreamed about being."

So, I wanted to be a cheerleader and my superior wife said that at that age she wanted to be a school teacher. She liked how they were the center of attention in the classroom and how they got to be in charge without question!"

So we pretty much turned out how we dreamed in grade school. My superior wife still loves to be in charge of things and I still love to be a sissy girl!


  1. Stevie Stevens, love the blog as well as I use to dream of being cheerleader as well:)) so cute are we. I'm submissive n transexual n can't help but long for someone to be more in charge of me. It's like a knowing thing or craving as of late. But regardless, it's there.

    I have such desires n get so aroused at the thoughts of it. It's like crazy thoughts n yet feel powerless at times, as I can't help but feel like I'm loosing myself n yet happy at the same freakin time. I use to love gymnastics n the body suits as well as well as other girly femme stuff. Though I'm TS n on HRT I can't help but think Superior Women so run my world, as well as I can't help but desire that They run the world n climb the corporate ladder as well.

    Hugs to you n your's, as well as only wish Y/ you both the very best n may all Her wishes cum true

  2. I also used to go to the games in high school and in college too, I really didn't care for the sports but I loved to watch the cheerleaders! Many thought it was a sign that, despite all other evidence to the contrary, I was one of the guys after all.
    They didn't realize that when I had some private time I'd be in my shortest skirts trying to repeat some of the routines I tried so hard to memorize!
    Love your blog!
    Kisses and Merry Christmas