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Friday, August 23, 2013

It is a wonderful life!

Received this great response to a post so I wanted to send it to the forefront:

I am a 60 year old who at 55 went from being the man of the house, to the wife of the house. I love it and will never go back! I too was raised in a female family. My dad died when I was 13 months old, so I was surrounded by my mom, sister, grandmother, aunts and girl cousins. I grew up cooking, gardening, learned to knit and sew. I have a major in art education and a masters In interior design. I taught art at the high school level for 33 years. Once I retired, I became the wife of the household. Nancy and I have been married now for 25 years. Too bad I didn't make this decision at the beginning of our marriage.

I have written before how I had evolved into being a sissy wife, how you cannot just one day surprise your dominant wife dressed in lingerie and tell her that things suddenly are about to change for her.

This is a wonderful silly sissy wife caption,
but it does show just how wonderful the sissy
wife lifestyle is: You can bake a cake, wear nylons
and be told what to do! What a wonderful
way to live! (Oh, do I say wonderful too much!)
My story is similar to Paulena's, only my dad did not pass away; he had nothing to do with me because I was such a sissy. I spent time with my mother, sister and other female relatives doing womanly things. And yes, for a time period, that also included taking care of guys by giving them oral pleasure!

But I was destined to meet a dominant woman who took me in as a I was. The fact that she was dominant was clear from the start, but my role as a sissy wife has definitely evolved in the years of our marriage.

For example, one by one the household chores became mine. I was not an automatic slave. My superior wife loves to cook and bake, so she does most of that or we share. But I do anything to take care of my superior wife and to make her life easier.

Also, through the years my orgasms have evaporated as we discovered how much she loves me giving her oral pleasure. So we concentrate on that and not me. It is also a fact that when a sissy takes female hormones, what used to be considered a cock becomes a clitty and the sissy's tongue becomes her prime sex organ.

There are other things, but the point is, again, that a sissy wife relationship has to evolve. For Paulena, it seems as if it had taken a while, but I bet the last five years have been some of the best of her and her wife's life! Hope to hear more from her!


  1. i would agree wholeheartedly on the importance of evolving gradually as that way the end result is likely to be both more sustainable on both parts and the journey is such fun!


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  2. Yes Happy Pet, I have read so many horror stories where a sissy or T-girl has dressed up in lingerie and the superior wife comes home from worked and is seeing this for the first time and is totally shocked. That is not a good way of doing things.

    My superior wife knew pretty much how I was going in by how I conducted myself in regular life. I mean, already acting soft and caring and feminine, as opposed to being so testosterone-driven like many guys are. We got deeper into the sissy wife lifestyle over time, especially when my superior wife found how much she liked it.