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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My wonderful, wonderful superior wife!

I have been cuddling a lot with my superior wife lately to help her deal with some
tough family matters and she told me just how lucky she is to have me. Nice!
OK, things have settled down here a little bit on the home front. My superior wife's father is back at home after a stay in the hospital and rehab center. He still is not doing that great and is going to chemo every week as well as a doctor visit. A visiting nurse comes to their house.

Anyway, my superior wife is still trying to deal with all this and all the extra duties placed upon her. That means I must keep up our own house even more so. She told me how lucky she was to have a "wife" like me. She said many masculine men would not be so helpful, especially with all the domestic chores that must be done.

Sure, my brother in laws are taking care of things at the inlaws' house. Keeping their cars running, moving furniture around, building a wheelchair ramp, etc. I went over one day and did the laundry and the dishes and vacuumed, got their mail at the post office. Did domestic things. Even filled the bird feeders. My mother in law, who is also dominant, told my superior wife how wonderful I was for taking care of her birds because it has been cold and snowy.

But back at home I have been giving my superior wife extra attention. More back rubs. Cooking dinner or taking her out to eat. Keeping the house tidy. And oh yes, pleasuring her beautiful pussy with my tongue. 

And what is funny is, she has been losing weight because of all her worries -- not that she really needed to! -- and that is making her even more incredibly sexy and all I want to do is get between her legs and give her glorious pleasure over and over again. And cuddle our smooth naked bodies together and hold her tight.

But I guess the bottom line in all of this is that it so fulfilled me when my superior wife praised me for being the way I am. Oh she has praised me before and even expressed it to her girlfriends. But here I am, a sissy wife, smooth and girlie. Having taken hormones for years, I have breasts. I wish I had a pussy. Always have wished that. I am so submissive. Always have been that too. In my teens and 20s, I gave many blow jobs to guys my age. That still excites me even though I have been loyal to my superior wife. Strong men with beautiful cocks really make me melt.

And there's my superior dominant wife, almost in tears, telling me how lucky she is to have me. Does not get much better than that for a sissy wife, does it? 

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