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Friday, May 24, 2013

Why don't you see sissy wives-to-be?

Why don't you see couples like
this when a state approves
same-sex marriage? Oh, that's the
beautiful Vaniity!
I was wondering something: When you see on the news a happy crowd of gays or lesbians when a state approves same-sex marriage, have you ever seen a couple consisting of a man and T-girl? I was thinking about it and I have not.

You see the two men. You see the two women. But I have never seen a man with his T-girl wife-to-be! His soon to be sissy wife! It could be the crowd is so big I just have not seen such a couple. But you would think that the news networks would end up finding one and showing them.

Now, of course, if a woman marries a sissy T-girl, that technically is not a same-sex marriage. Even if the T-girl is wearing a wedding gown, that still does not make it a same-sex marriage. And you don't see too many pictures from weddings such as those either, do you?

Actually, I have seen a man and his obvious sissy wife in public only a few times. Much more common is seeing a woman and her sissy wife! I know because we are such a couple and I have been out in public with my superior wife. And it is so obvious that I am indeed a sissy wife! 

I can spot sissy wives like me out there! I guess it's like "gaydar." Of course, when a sissy wife is wearing shorter shorts than the woman she is with, well, that's easy to spot!

But getting back to the original point: I searched photos of "same-sex wedding" and have yet to find a photo of a man and T-girl. I will keep looking!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Replacement for useless little sissy clitty!

Besides my tongue, of course, my
superior wife enjoys when I give her
orgasms like this! I be sure to keep
my nails ultra short so when I finger
her I do not hurt her precious pussy!
Since my little sissy clitty does not
get hard any more anyway, it is not
even thought of when my wife is
receiving her pleasure! So we are
like two girls! Which I love so much!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Doing my housework in thigh highs!

These are nice items to
wear when a sissy does
her housework!
My superior wife expects me to be in various states of undress or in various female clothing when around the house. 

And this is true depending on what company we have as well. If it is one of her close friends, for example, someone who knows what is going on with us, she will have me wear just panties or a mini-dress. If she does not want the company to know about us, then I will wear normal drab attire. 

But back to when we are alone! I have found that something that I enjoy wearing around the house when I am doing chores for my superior wife are those thigh-high stockings with the elastic top. And a pair of heels. Most of the time I will wear panties or a thong because my wife does not particularly want to see my little sissy clitty. Sometimes I will wear a bra.

My superior wife
loves to smack
my sissy behind
when I am doing
my houswork!
My wife likes me working in lingerie because when I come by she can smack me on the behind! She gets great enjoyment from that!

Now, I also do my housework in just panties or a thong. Sometimes in a chemise. Sometimes in a short dress. But the thigh highs are a favorite. I think I like them more than stockings with a garter belt because I find they fit me better. The sheer stockings do not seem to long enough.

What do you wear when you are doing housework for your superior wife!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A sissy wife's problem: Whose panties are they?

A sissy wife's problem: 
Whose panties are these?
I spent yesterday doing my regular chores but also washing my superior wife's dainty things. And well, my dainty things as well!

I guess I let her dainties pile up because she went to look for something in her dresser drawer and it was not there and I got scolded for not keeping up with the hand washing!

So I headed right down to the laundry room to get her dainties hand washed right away!

But what was funny was there was a pair of lacy panties that did not have a tag on them nor a size printed on them. Being a silly sissy, I did not know if they were my wife's or mine!

Simple solution though: I just tried them on and though they almost fit me, I had to figure they were my wife's.

While I am doing this I had to laugh to myself! And I was thinking, how many real men come across the problem where they do not know if a pair of panties that were laundered belong to their wife or are theirs! Not many, I would imagine! And I bet not many even do the laundry, let alone hand wash the dainty things!

But I have never really been a real male! I have just had that detested extra body part! And I have been into panties since I was about 12 or so. Wearing them myself, now taking care of my superior wife's! So I know a lot about panties! And other lingerie!

I have a least one other panties story that popped into my head, but hopefully you may have one you might want to tell us about!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Forced sex reassignment stories?

Anyone know of any story sites that have stories about a dominant wife requiring the sissy wife to undergo sex reassignment surgery?

Maybe because she has taken a lover who is a real man?

A man with a huge thick cock that brings her to ecstasy over and over and over and over.

That's compared to your little sissy clitty that is more like a peanut!

And after the surgery, the sissy wife in the stories is forced to serve the happy couple?

I find such a story idea quite exciting!

Hopefully there are some stories out there on such an exciting topic!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dressing for my sissy wife duties!

This is often me sitting at our kitchen
table, having a cup of coffee and
maybe writing out some bills or checking
the "honey do" list that my superior
wife has left for me.

Sometimes my wife will take some
time off from her busy schedule and
and come home and take me in
her arms and hold me and tell
me what a wonderful sissy wife
I am for her! We'll spend the
afternoon with me between
her legs giving her a nice long lick!