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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A sissy wife's New Year's resolutions!

This such a great way to be!
If you are this fortunate, strive
to be a better sissy wife
in the New Year!
All I know about New Year's is that the last thing I will do on New Year's Eve will be to lick my superior wife to a glorious orgasm and the first thing that I will do on New Year's Day will be to lick my superior wife to a glorious orgasm!

She asked for our traditional meal of pork and sauerkraut, so I will be preparing that for her! We may be visiting some friends or relatives or maybe receive a visit during the day. Then on New Year's Day evening I will probably be giving her a massage and then pleasuring her sweet pussy with my tongue for as long as she wishes!

In all seriousness, my top New Year's resolution will be to try to be an even better sissy wife for my beautiful superior wife! I will strive to do better at my housework and show more eagerness in my giving pleasure to her -- if that is even possible!

Why do I say this? Because I realize how fortunate I am to live the life of a sissy wife! So many stories of sissies, crossdressers, transgenders -- whatever you are -- and their wives turn out badly. I read a lot of posts on forums where the wife writes about being so dismayed about her spouse's crossdressing or her spouse being transgendered. 

As you know, most of those comments are not supportive and most wives end up leaving their sissies spouses. And can you really blame the wife? She thought she married a man, but really did not. 

That is why I am so fortunate! And my superior wife is also my best girlfriend, my best friend period. Well, pretty much my only real friend because I devote all my non-working moments to her. She always says we are a team. That is why I am always thinking about making her life easier and giving her pleasure!

That is the least I can do. I am so fortunate that I can be girlie and dress girlie. So fortunate that I have a beautiful and delicious pussy to worship. So fortunate that I am feminized through hormones.

If you are also that fortunate, never forget that! And devote yourself to your superior wife even more in the New Year! 

And for those of you who look in on this blog and are not so fortunate, I hope things work out better for you in the New Year. I would just say keep trying. And hope that your superior
wife will come around and see all the benefits of having a sissy wife!

Friday, December 26, 2014

I just adore this outfit!

I would have to think that my wife would love to see me doing my housework in something like this! It is much prettier than a black and white french maid's uniform.

You know, I will do my housework in heels like those shown here unless I have to go up and down the stairs a lot like when I am doing laundry in the basement. And I do quite well in heels -- I have had a lot of practice!

But even if I was wearing flats with this outfit -- so I didn't break my neck on the stairs! -- it would still be such a pretty outfit to wear around the house when doing my daily duties!

I will have to look into getting this -- as well as that pink apron. Do you think the main item came from a dance store! Almost looks like a tutu! I already have the hose and shoes.

Friday, December 5, 2014

I got myself in sissy wife trouble!

My superior wife gave me a pretty good nipple
pinching for not hand washing her bras
in a timely fashion!
Well, I got myself in trouble with my superior wife! 

She gave me some of her lacy bras to hand wash. I took them down to the laundry room and put them on top of the washer. I was going to use a dish tub and some cold water wash to hand wash them.

I remember thinking that I would take care of that the next morning. Well, a week of mornings later, my superior wife asks me where her bras were. Oh shit, I thought! I never got back to them! No excuse, I just got busy with my other chores and taking care of some financial matters and getting the yard ready for winter and taking the kitty to the vet and on and on and on. Funny thing was, I also did laundry during that time and was looking right at those bras!

Well, my superior wife was sort of pissed. I got scolded verbally and after pleasuring her pussy several times that evening with my tongue she pinched my nipples really hard and for a long time. I mean REALLY hard! They were sore the next morning. She also said I will be getting a severe paddling in the not too distance future!

That's not like me to forget taking care of my superior wife. I mean, I was doing other things to take care of her as I always do so it wasn't like I was slacking off. But I did slip up. 

Good thing I have such a strong woman to keep me in line and show me the right ways and take care of me and protect me!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dressing in our proper role!

My wife and I appear like this a lot!
A lot of times when my wife and I are out -- and this is especially true in the spring or fall when my wife might be chilly and choose to wear jeans -- we will look like the couple at right.

I pretty much wear short shorts in public from May through October. And most likely a tank top from June through August. So I will be dressed like the girl at right during the hot summer months.

My wife, on the other hand, will wear jeans or capris in the spring and fall and even when she wears shorts they are never as short as mine!

So, of course, this gets us some interesting looks as you might imagine or you might experience yourself! This is not true as much when we attend an arts and crafts show or festival because there are mostly women there and any guys there are pussy-whipped and are holding their wives' or girlfriends' purses and purchases!

But when we attend some event where there are mostly men -- like a farm show or auto race or ballgame -- then my role as the sissy partner is amplified as you might imagine. We certainly get looks and I -- not my wife -- may get some comments. And you know what they can be like!

So my question is: Do you dress as your role of the sissy partner? Or do you hide that fact all the time or most of the time?

I don't go out in a dress with my wife, although I wish I could! But I do wear girls clothing even if that means shorts or jeans or a sweater or sandals. Or even carrying a purse -- but that is a subject for another post!

What do you wear when you are out with your wife or girlfriend?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Orgasm score: 520 to 6 in her favor

My superior wife loves to cuddle
after I give her several orgasms
with my talented tongue!
One of about 520 a year for her!
A post I read somewhere today made me think of something:

I have sex just about every day. Really, every day! Sometimes several times a day! How luckier can a sissy wife be!

Of course, that does not mean I am allowed to cum every day! As a sissy wife too, you know what I am talking about!

I bet my wife lets me cum maybe once every two months! So let me see if I remember my math. There are 12 months in a year, so that is six times a year. And those six cums I am expected to swallow my mess, of course. A superior wife would never be expected to do that!

But I do have sex almost every day. If there are days that we miss, because of job or illness or something else, we make up for it. By sex, of course I mean this sissy wife giving the superior wife her glorious orgasms with my tongue! I wouldn't have it any other way!

I never really did the math on that either, so let's see: I always lick her to several orgasms. But lets call it two for math purposes. And since we may miss a night due to her being tired or ailing or away, let's say I lick her on average five days a week and not really seven, though I miss it when I don't get the chance.

Again the math would be 52 weeks multiplied by 10 times a week on average. So that's 520 orgasms for her in a year!

That makes the orgasm scored 520 to 6 in her favor! Does that sound right for a dominant wife/sissy wife relationship? To me, it would sound right if it were 520 to 0!

What is the orgasm score in your sissy wife relationship?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A weak sissy wife, but loving it!

I posted the photo at right just to show the dress that I am wearing today as I do my housework! Actually, I could not find an appropriate photo or piece of artwork to illustrate what I am about to say on quick notice!

By the way, that is a Sofia Vergara dress from Kmart! They have a whole line of lovely dresses from her line and I have many of them! Not too pricey either and wonderfully sexy for a sissy wife to wear for her mistress!

Anyway, as part of my chores, my superior wife reminded me to put salt in the water softener. We live in a rural area and the water can be hard and rusty if the water softener is not kept up. 

So I went to the hardware store and luckily a man put a 40-pound bag of softener salt in the back of my van for me. I struggled with getting it into the garage! And I struggled even more trying to lift it more than four feet to pour the salt into the softener brine tank!

I have never been that strong and always have had skinny arms. I could not climb that dreaded rope in gym class, one of the few boys who could not! And we were all the sissies, of course.

Since taking female hormones for many years now and also getting older, I am definitely getting even weaker than the sissy I grew up as! My wrists are especially weak and there is no upper body strength. Haha, nothing has really changed from junior high school!

So, I cannot lift even a 40-pound bag of salt without a real struggle! I don't even think about buying the big 80-pound bags! I'd have a man put it in my vehicle but I could never get it in the house! Maybe with a dolly! So I would cut it open and transfer it into the house and into the softener a bucket at a time!

Am I complaining? Not at all! I love being weak and submissive! My brain thinks that way! Always has! My superior wife is at least an equal to me in strength, maybe even stronger since she works out a lot at the gym. She even lifts weights to stay strong and toned!

Then there is her sissy wife: struggling with 40 pounds!

* I have to add: The bag of salt read "Easy open bag." There was a perforated area. I could not even rip open the bag. I had to get scissors to cut it open. So much for an easy open bag!

A day in the life of a sissy wife!

I love it when my superior wife has to work and I am off for the day! Well, actually I love it when we are both off so let me explain:

Could not see a credit for this artwork, but it
is great showing the wonderful life
of a sissy wife, the life I am so
fortunate to live as well!
When I am off and my superior wife is at her office, I will work most of the early part of the day on housework, running errands, paying bills, etc. -- all things to make my superior wife's life easier. (I was even sewing today!)

After lunchtime, I will start a nice dinner for her to enjoy after a hectic day at work. Today, I put a roast in the oven and the potatoes are peeled and ready to be boiled. I will ask her if she wants me to mash them up for her. Salads are prepared and in the fridge. Wine, as well!

This is a typical dinner that I will prepare for my superior wife. When things are somewhat ready and it is nearing her time to come home, I will freshen myself up with a nice shower and body shave and spray on a nice scent for her.

It varies, but I will greet her at the door nakie, in just panties, maybe a bra and panties, or maybe adding a garter belt and stockings, which she has said she really prefers.

I love it when she enters her home in her stylish business suit and she takes me in her arms and holds me tight. I kiss her lips and face as I melt in her arms. I take her briefcase from her and as she sits down for a bit in the living room I pour her a glass of wine. I will sit on the floor at her feet as she tells me about her day. But just for a while, as I have to finish preparing her dinner.

I just so enjoy serving my superior wife like this! And I clean up the dinner dishes while she sits herself down to watch some television.

But I am far from finished. When she announces that she has to get ready for bed, that means I will be taking my position between her legs to give her several glorious orgasms and a body rub as well as she drifts off to sleep.

I go to sleep much after her but it gives me a little bit of time to relax after my busy day serving my superior wife. But I love to do it so much! When I am finally ready to crawl into bed with her, I do so nakie and I cuddle up against her beautiful ass. I love her scent and think about how lucky I am that she has chosen me to be her sissy wife!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sissies appear to be in demand

Read some words of encourage today!

A post by a woman that I read said that many women look to sissies for service and support! They look for sissies to give them encouragement in their careers. And what is neat it that the poster said she feels that many adolescent girls are now looking to sissies early for that kind of support.

That was so neat to read! That is exactly what I do as a sissy wife! And this poster believes that we are in demand! Even more so as time goes on and women take more and more roles as political and business leaders.

So if you are a sissy and unattached, keep up the faith. You may be just what a dominant, assertive woman needs to help her go through life!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A sissy wife's request for other sissy wives!

Hey girlie girls! I have a request: I have received some very nice comments from other sissies who have said they love reading this blog. I would hope that it is because it is true -- unless I write about a fantasy I have -- and is pretty much my everyday thoughts and the everyday interactions between a sissy wife (me!) and a dominant woman (my superior wife!).

My request is that I would really really like to read experiences of some other sissies wives. It would be nice to know that I am not that rare in being a sissy wife, although it is great that some sissies comment on this blog.

So if you have some other blogs that you look in on that deal with sissy wives or some other forums, please pass that information along to me. Even story sites would be great, although I would love to read about real-life experiences like my own.

Thanks in advance and please keep up your comments to this blog so that I know that I am not alone in this lifestyle.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My wife is not nasty, quite the contrary!

My superior wife my be dominant over me, but that does not mean she is not caring. She's never nasty to me, unless of course I deserve it!

Sometime she will even surprise me in bed by sucking on my little thing for a little bit. Most of the time it is to just tease me, but sometimes in a rare instance she will suck me off and after I make a little spurt into her mouth she will feed me my cum.

Most of the time though she will ask me, after I have given her a great orgasm with my tongue, what she can do to please me. I always say let me lick you to another orgasm, of course! After the second orgasm, I may say please let me lick your asshole!

That's just me though; I get my pleasure from giving my superior wife pleasure with my tongue. But it is nice that thinks of me. That just makes me want to pleasure her all the more in bed and please her all the more outside of bed.

What about your superior wife or partner? Do they treat you nicely? Or maybe they are stern with you?

Monday, September 22, 2014

How do you do your housework?

My superior wife would prefer that I do my housework
nakie like this, but doing it in bra and panties is OK too!
The other day, my superior wife reminded me that I am to do my housework naked. Not in a tank top and short shorts like I have been doing. She said she was not especially pleased that I have been slipping!

Well, I will certainly do my housework naked if that is what my superior wife wants. My only problem is that I do not really like to look down at my little sissy clitty, nor have it on display. I do not like to be reminded that I have it because I wish I did not have it!

So,  I thought I would try to negotiate with my superior wife in an effort to wear some nice lacy panties while doing my housework. And she accepted! But on the condition that if she ever wanted them off of me they will be going off of me. 

I asked if I could wear a bra and panties and she said the same condition would apply. I told her how much I have always loved my bras and panties and that just made me feel especially girlie and submissive to her.

I mean, guys will do housework naked to be submissive to a dominant wife, but not necessarily in bras, panties, other lingerie, stockings, or even a French maids uniform like we sissies would!

So, my wonderful superior wife agreed to that! I have such wonderful bras and panties to wear. I don't know if I will wear a garter belt and stockings because you sometimes get dirty doing your housework, but I may. Maybe when writing out the bills or some chore like that.

But I was wondering what other sissy wives who may look in here are wearing when they do housework for their superior wives? Are you doing it nakie, in undies, in lingerie, in a dress, in a maid's uniform?

* UPDATE 9-24-14: Add a poll addressing the previous paragraph!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Going back to nature!

This was how I was sitting my our campfire!
Until it got really buggy, that is!
So, I just finished up handwashing my superior wife's bras after doing laundry for three days because we just came back from a camping trip!

Now, I know very little about camping so we were not roughing it. We had a nice cabin in the woods. We just wanted to get away to a quiet and beautiful spot. We also like to hike and enjoy the outdoors that way.

But, being in a cabin did not mean things changed for this sissy wife! And why should it? It does not change in a hotel room, after all. I was naked while in the cabin even if my superior wife was fully clothed. We had our own bathroom (with flush toilet, sink, shower and heater -- I said we were not roughing it!), but it was about 40 feet away. My superior wife did not make me run nakie to the shower -- I was allowed to put on panties and a T-shirt or tank top.

However, when it was dark and we had a fire going, I sat naked around the fire like the girl pictured in the photo above! That was pretty nice, that is until it got buggy. That was when I wrapped myself in a blanket.

In the cabin, we had no TV, of course, as we were pretty far out in the woods and on top of a mountain as well. Mobile Internet was very very spotty (if present at all) and the cell phone signal was only a little better if you found the right spot! Not complaining, though. We had music and stuff to read.

But since we retired early and got up early to hike, it gave me more time to pleasure my superior wife's beautiful pussy with my tongue! I brought her to glorious orgasms three times each night and we were there for seven nights. We had some wine that we bought at nearby local wineries so it was really a good time. 

I, of course, had zero orgasms, but then again I do not expect any. I rarely get an erection anyway and if I do it does not stay long. My superior wife did suck on my breasts even though she ignored my little limp thing.

It's all about the wife's pleasure if you are sissy wife though, isn't it!

The funny thing was that when I went over to the bathroom when it was dark, I went nakie. And my superior wife said I had better watch it or a bear would get me! I had really never thought of that and so it got me worried. So I started going to the bathroom with my flashlight and my hiking stick, just in case!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my little camping story! Do you have any such experiences of your own? Please share if you do!

Taking care of her period!

So my wife calls me at home from her office and tells me I need to go to the drug store for her. It's her time of month!

She doesn't just sugarcoat it by saying she needs me to get some feminine products for her as a regular wife would do for a regular man. And a real man probably would be too embarrassed to do it anyway.
She knows that I know exactly what to buy for her time of month. She tells me to get over there and pick up her Kotex Gentle Glide tampons and Kotex Lightdays pantyliners. She must have been in short supply because she called me again about a half hour later -- when I was in the drug store -- to make sure I was getting her her tampons and pads!

I even went to the store with a coupon for each product! I am a very frugal wife! I always take a pile of coupons to the grocery store too!

But no way am I ever embarrassed to go to the store and pick up tampons and pads and take them to the checkout. The other day a man was checking out at the drug store. That does not even phase me. Although one time I was in Wal-Mart and a couple of teen girls were pointing and snickering at me when I was looking through the feminine products aisle!

I have been buying maxipads for myself since I was teenage sissy. Never really saw the rationale behind a sissy using a tampon. Although I have to admit that I have done it and I think it is just the idea that you are using a tampon that is the turn-on. Only a flaming sissy T-girl would put a tampon up her sissy ass, but then again that is what we are, are we not! There is also the feeling of that tampon  filling your sissy asshole, which I have to admit can be quite pleasurable.

I started using maxipads in my panties when I was a teen. The boys used to say that girls were "on the rag" and I wanted to pretend I was too because I wanted to be like the pretty girls in school!

So my wife was quite pleased that I got her "her supplies" as she calls them. She gave me a nice hug and kisses. And later in bed instead of licking her she was content for me to just hold her and caress her. Although sometimes she will have me lick her asshole when it is her time of month.

Oh I forgot to mention: Yes, my wife will have me use a maxipad during her time of month. I have a Kotex in my panties as I type this. But she is not adamant about it. She will kiddingly "make sure" that I have it in. I do it during that week anyway. And as I said, I have been using a maxipad since I was a teen sissy. Do you do the same?

Do you take care of your wife or girlfriends as far as when it is her time of month?

Monday, July 21, 2014

A great position to be in!

Oh my, how I love to be in this position for my
superior wife!
We have restraints like this on the four corners of my superior wife's bed!

Periodically -- although not as much as I would like! -- she will strap down my hands and feet like this and give my sissy ass a good paddling!

My superior wife is not cruel though. That's not so say that she will not give me a good hard paddling! Because she will. But she will stop if I start to cry because it starts to sting so bad!

Of course, with my sissy ass still stinging and me still whimpering, she will hold me for a while until I take my even more favorite position between her thighs pleasuring her beautiful pussy!

The only problem is that because of her work schedule and the fact she may be tired, etc., my superior wife does not paddle me as much as I would want her to. But it does happen several times a month, so I am happy for that!

Does any other sissy wife who looks in her receive a nice paddling from their superior wife?

*** I have to add here that my superior wife has never herself been in this position, only I have. But, one time and one time only, she asked me smack her lovely ass hard several times with a paddle just so she could experience what it felt like! She said wow, that really hurt! Then she proceeded to paddle my sissy ass very hard and has done so ever since that one time she tried it!

I only have my superior wife's friends!

Really, that is true. It has evolved that I no longer have my own friends. Sure, I have relatives, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances, but I really do not have any what you would call regular close friends.

But I do have my superior wife's friends. She dictates who we hang with. In fact, today, after all my household duties are done and she gets home from her office, we are to meet a couple who are friends of hers for dinner.

I cannot really plan anything for myself unless I clear it with my superior wife first because she runs our calendar. I am not complaining though! Just sayin'. I love being a sissy wife and everything that comes with it! I could not imagine it being any other way, except for being a man's sissy wife! That's just because I then would be the only wife!

But after we get home from dinner with her friends. I will pour my superior wife some wine, give her a nice massage and lick her beautiful pussy to a glorious orgasm. No complaints whatsover!

Taking care of my superior wife's panties!

So, I am off work today, but a sissy wife is never really off, are they?

I have been doing things for my superior wife all morning. Paying bills, updating her mother's GPS unit, making appointment for one of our cars.

I have also been doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen and rest of the house. I hand wash my superior wife's dainty things in cold water wash, taking extra special care with those items. I have been also washing her other panties and more rugged bras, like her sports bras.

She expects to have her dainty things like her lacy panties and bras and garter belts placed back in her dainty things drawer! And she expected her workout panties and sports bras placed back in her exercise drawer! Otherwise, any bra and panty set that matches has to be put back together and placed in the proper drawer that way!

Sometimes it seems like my life revolves are her panties and dainty things! I spend so much time taking care of them!

I have no problem with doing any of that! As a sissy T-girl, I have my dainty things and sets arranged that way too! I hand wash my dainty things along with hers!

My superior wife is so lucky that I think like a girl when taking care of her needs! And I know she does appreciate that!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I love the way we have sex!

Our sex consists of me kissing my wife ...

 As far as sex goes, we started out with me trying to penetrate my wife with me on the bottom from the very beginning of course.

... and then going down on her as in lesbian sex.
I remember how she would get frustrated trying to have an orgasm by grinding against my little thing because, well, it did not go very far in! She would grind and grind for a long time. She said it felt good. But she would give up after failing to have an orgasm and getting frustrated and she would tell me to eat her pussy to get her off. And of course I did that.

Now over the years I was able to spurt inside her and miraculously it went far enough up inside her that she was able to have two kids.

But as far as the sex it was me licking her to an orgasm, then she would grind for a bit on top of me and then I would lick her to another orgasm. Sometimes the grinding would make me spurt and sometimes it did not.

This is just the way it is sometimes for a sissy with a little thing. But she loves the oral pleasure! A lot! I think a lot of women don't get any of that! So gradually with gave up the penetration charade. So our sex began to consist of necking then me licking her to an orgasm, then cuddling with her or massaging her, then licking her to another orgasm. Then cuddling until she went to sleep. Sometimes, if she is  showered and all clean down there, she has me lick her asshole. She especially loves it as she drifts off to sleep after at least two oral orgasms.

And my little sissy thing, well we pretty much ignore it. She will tease me by playing with it or maybe giving it a little lick, but most of the time that is it.

At one point we re-introduced penetration into our sex, but that consists of me using a dildo on her as I pleasure her orally. It is pretty much lesbian sex, but I love it this way. Oh did I mention that I am shaved smooth all over like a girl except for my girlie V if you know what I mean.

Now this all evolved over a number or years. We just did not decide one day that this was how we were going to have sex. The ingredients were me being so little and her love for oral pleasure and then me being so submissive and her being so dominant.

Does this sound familiar to anyone who is looking in here? Do you have it this way? Or wish to have it this way?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who knows? And I don't ask!

Last Saturday night, my superior wife had an offer to go to a ballgame from a man from her office. Since I had to work, she said she wanted to go. She feels she should not have to stay at home if I have work. And that never stopped her even if I was home!

Anyway, I got home from work at 2 a.m. and she was not home. I fell asleep watching TV in our downstairs family room about 3 a.m. or so and she still was not home. I have no idea when he dropped her off because I didn't wake up until 9 in the morning and she was in our bed. She slept until noon.

I know it is not my place to ask when she came home from her date. So like a good sissy wife, I did not. She did offer that she had a really wonderful time and the seats were really great and had to be expensive. She said they went out for drinks afterward.

She asked me if I saw Jeff's car -- it's a Mercedes -- and I said of course not, I fell asleep. She said she would like to go again to a game if Jeff asks her.

And that was it.

Then on Sunday, she went out for a "girl's night out." I knew she was going to dinner and then a movie, but then the girls went to a hotel bar for several hours. I know that several of these gals who went are divorced ladies and at least one is a superior wife over a sissy wife like my own superior wife is.

She did this even though I was home and could have been spending time with me. But I have submitted to her and what she wants to do is what she does.

Told you it is sometimes mundane!

So, today, I am being a good sissy wife!

My superior wife and I work vastly differe

nt hours so I was home when she was preparing to go to work. I put on a pot of coffee and after her shower I licked her to a glorious orgasm, then went back to the kitchen as she got dressed and made her her English mufflin.

A sissy wife must make sure everyone
else is comfortable without
thinking of herself!
My superior wife reminded me that her brothers were coming over in a few days to put a new roof on our house and it was my job to make them comfortable -- since I otherwise will be of no help to them because of the sissy girl I am.

I am to call them to ask them what I can prepare for lunch for them and what kind of beer they wish to have. I am to make sure they have towels ready for when they shower after doing that hot manly work. 

My superior wife said I should stand by in case they need me to get them water or Gatorade. And if they go into the house to pee and miss the toilet, I am to check right away and clean the bathroom. I am to launder their work clothes and underwear when they are all done.

So, as a sissy wife, that is my role in the roof project! My superior wife and her brothers planned it all out and ordered the materials and took care of the delivery to our house.

I will be calling the brothers today to see what they want me to prepare for their lunch and what beer I am to pick up -- I know it will be a different brand for each of them!

Meanwhile, I am doing my regular housework and getting our dinner underway for later. And I am washing my superior wife's delicate things too.

I know real guys are probably out on the golf course and their wives are doing the housework, but I have to say that I would not trade the life of a sissy wife for anything!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A silly sissy wife!

My superior wife had to console me.
The other day, due to my superior wife hiring her brothers to put a new roof on our house, they made the decision that one of our trees had to go.

There was no consultation with me and of course I believe that if my superior wife makes a decision, then that is the decision. She was right of course as usual. The tree had caused problems with the current roof.

Still -- and this is a result of being on female hormones I know -- I cried like a baby as the tree came down and afterwards. That night in bed my superior wife had to console me, much as she did when our cat passed away about six months ago (That was really really tough on me and I cried for days).

My superior wife held me naked and caressed me and kept telling me that it was unfortunate but that the tree had to go for important reasons. She told me that the decisions she makes are always going to be good for the both of us and the household and made with a lot of thought.

Then she presented her beautiful pussy to me and for next hour -- even while I still teary-eyed about the old tree -- I pleasured her to several glorious orgasms. What she did was put me back into my element, that is, pleasuring her and serving her. Then she held me tightly again and caressed me some more.

I am still sad about the tree, but I know it is just because I am a silly sissy wife. I will get over it. Her brothers -- one is a builder, the other a mechanic -- are real men, but they have always been aware of the fact that I am a sissy. They have always done stuff around our house -- plumbing, fixing up stuff, cars, etc -- because I know nothing about that sort of thing. I know about female hormones and lingerie and panties and fashion and dildoes and pleasuring the wife and my denial.

One thing that is very true: Besides the fact hormones will give you breasts, make your little sissy clitty even more useless and make you an even weaker sissy, they just wreck your emotions! I cry at the drop of a hat -- on both happy and sad occasions.

So, how do your emotions treat you if you are a sissy wife?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Being a sissy wife can be mundane!

This is mostly what a sissy
wife relationship looks like
for many of us!
You know, it's funny: I read a lot of blogs and it just seems that some sissy wives just have so much more going on that I do! 

For example, they are sucking the cocks of their wife's lovers! They are eating her lover's cum out of her pussy! Does that stuff really happen? I would really love to be doing that! But how many sissy wives are actually doing that or just writing about their fantasies?

If you are like me, then you lead a rather drab sissy wife life! I live to make my wife's life easy. She is a busy businesswoman, very stressed, has to deal with many problems in her job, has to travel. 

My job is to keep the house for her, keep the finances in order, do her laundry, etc. My job is also to make sure she has many many many orgasms, not to mention back rubs and keeping her wine glass filled!

But this is the most important duty of a sissy wife!
My superior wife says my licking her pussy should be the No. 1 thing on my mind! And it is! We do not even worry about my orgasms anymore as I have written in a previous post. And we sort of evolved into that. And yes, my taking female hormones has had a lot to do with that.

I spend a lot of time licking her asshole! For two reasons: She likes it! And there's that power thing. She likes the fact that she has so much power over me that I will actually lick her asshole and for long sessions.

She does punish me, but not like you read about in most femdom blogs. She will spank me and redden my butt with a ping pong-like leather paddle. But that has been it. She has mentioned from time to time how she would love to buy a bullwhip and learn to use it on me because it "looks like fun" but that has yet to happen. (Maybe I should just get off my butt and buy it for her!)

Now, there is the men thing: She is a flirt. She has gone out on dancing dates with men. She does have drinks with men in hotel bars during her travels. I have known this stuff is going on. I am not that naive that I don't believe even more is going on.  I have always just accepted it like a good sissy wife. But there have been no creampies like you read in many cuckold blogs, no me sucking the bull's cock. Again, does that stuff really happen?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This sissy wife appreciates flowers!

This is how I look after my superior wife brings
her sissy girl some flowers!
I have written of course about how my wife is dominant over me. How I do all of the housework for her and take care of her finances and her cars, etc. How I lick her to many, many orgasms while I am pretty much denied. How I lick her asshole to show my position in our marriage. How I submit to her spankings and her paddlings.

But do you know what: my superior wife is actually very, very nice to me! She loves me and although she does have dinner dates or dancing outings with men and goes to bars with men during her business trips, we don't dwell on what else she does during those times. I just know that she will be keeping me around.

But my superior wife takes care of this sissy. She holds me after I lick her to glorious orgasms. She loves to cook and so she makes me great meals. 

But one thing that I thought might be out of the ordinary and what I want to mention today is that she brings me home flowers! She does that because she knows that I just love flowers! She knows this because we work together on our flower garden.

Now, in most relationships, it is the man who brings home flowers to the wife. But in ours, it is the dominant wife who brings home flowers to her submissive sissy wife! Of course, I buy her flowers too.

Does anyone else have a superior wife who does the same thing?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The superior wife should do the driving!

The superior wife should always take
the wheel like this young lady!
Part of being a submissive sissy wife means that when you and your superior wife are traveling together in a vehicle you as the sissy wife never drives! Am I correct!

When we walk out to one of our vehicles, just naturally my superior wife has always headed to the driver's seat. And I naturally have always headed to the passenger side. I cannot recall ever discussing that that was how it was going to be. It just naturally occurred because my superior wife is such an assertive woman and I am such a submissive sissy.

Even with a big machine like this,
the superior wife should do
the driving, not a sissy!
Oh, the superior wife also gets to run the radio or music player! A sissy wife should just forget about ever doing that!

Now, because I take care of the household things so my superior wife can relax or whatever, I am responsible for keeping gas in the vehicles, tires, oil changes, inspections, registrations, getting them to the mechanic, etc.

Obviously, I am allowed to drive myself to work or drive when I am otherwise by myself. But when with the superior wife -- NEVER!

How is it with you and your superior wife?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Knowing my proper way around the kitchen!

This is normally how I am in the kitchen! 
This is often how I am preparing dinner for my superior wife! 

She does tease me, however, about getting burned by grease spatters on my little sissy clitty, but then she will laugh and say what difference would it make anyway if that happened! 

Well, she is right! It isn't like my clitty is of any use except for tinkling!

Nevertheless, she will permit me to use a girlie apron so that does not happen, but I normally end up serving her and cleaning up nakie. 

I will serve her wine after our dinners and cuddle up nakie to her as she decides what she will watch on TV -- Oh I never have control of the remote!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Little sissy clitty does not even stir!

That's would be like me on the left,
doing what I do best for my
superior wife! Over and over!

Before things went sour with my superior wife's father, we had a taken a weekend road trip. It was probably one of the last happy times we had before the more than three-month hospital ordeal began for her father and for all of us as well.

So, we had a hotel room. I brought some wine and we had that. We cuddled nakie and and I gave my superior wife a nice back rub that she loves so much.

Then I got to work giving her even more great pleasure! I licked her to three glorious orgasms. I had her going wild! Between them, we cuddled and I sucked on her breasts, then got back to work.

After the third one, she was exhausted -- as was my tongue! She rolled over and I massaged her some more and as she drifted off to sleep I licked her asshole.

If you are also a sissy wife, you might be saying, "So what! That is just what a sissy wife does for her superior wife! My dominant wife and I do it that way all the time!"

But a couple of things were special. My superior wife did not touch my little sissy clitty at all. Did not pay any attention to it. Treated it as though it was not there. Which is the way I prefer! That's coming from a sissy girl who has always wished it was not even there.

The second thing was -- and it was the first time that it ever happened -- my little sissy clitty did not even give a single little hint of getting erect. Actually, I should say it did not even stir, because only men get erect. So I shall say that it did not even stir! That is what female hormones will do to a sissy girl!

My superior wife ignores my little sissy clitty 99 percent of the time anyway, but now that she really doesn't even have to ignore it is a really great feeling. We can concentrate on glorious orgasms one after another for her, which is what we both want!

In case you are wondering, I am extremely happy being this way! That night in the hotel room, after I ate my superior wife's pussy and licked out her asshole and sucked on her breasts and massaged her body, I was so content to cuddle with her as she slept, just knowing the pleasuring I had given her!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The ideal married couple!

Being like this is why
all couples would
be happy!
I found this photo on Tumblr and it jumped out at me: This is the way all marriages should be! The world would be a much nicer place!

Get rid of testosterone! Femininity and estrogen should rule! Maybe if all males were  feminized then there would be peace in the world!

I would rather the world would be a sissy, faggy place than the crazy, militaristic, deadly place it is today!

On a much more minor scale, our household is tranquil because my superior wife is in control and I am feminized and I submit to her. Our household is a gentle, loving place because I never ever raise my voice to my superior wife! I trust in her decisions and I am meek and I do what I am told.

I have relatives -- regular couples -- who are divorced because they were already at odds with one another. I have many more friends who are like that too. People that I know where the male is a feminized sissy wife, well, they have great marriages. That's because the sissy wife is putting out 400 percent effort to make the marriage work, putting the superior wife's needs and comfort and, especially, her sexual pleasure first and foremost!

So wouldn't it be great if all couples could be like the one in the photo!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A sissy wife who is appreciated

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My superior wife's father is severely ill and has been in the hospital going on three weeks now. I have been very busy driving my wife's mother to the hospital about 30 minutes away and also keeping our house up so my wife can visit as well. I also have my job to go to so I have not been playing on the computer much lately.

But one thing I have to mention: My superior wife thanked me for being the way I am and how I have stepped up to help her and her mother. In addition to driving my mother-in-law around, I have been cooking meals and cleaning and doing all my regular sissy wife duties. My superior wife really appreciates it and that makes me happy.

I have not been between my superior wife's legs because she has just been tired and sad and not in the mood, but she asks me to hold her and rub her shoulders and she appreciates that too.

I will be posting on topic because life goes on, but I wanted to explain to my couple of loyal followers where I have been.