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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A sissy wife who is appreciated

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My superior wife's father is severely ill and has been in the hospital going on three weeks now. I have been very busy driving my wife's mother to the hospital about 30 minutes away and also keeping our house up so my wife can visit as well. I also have my job to go to so I have not been playing on the computer much lately.

But one thing I have to mention: My superior wife thanked me for being the way I am and how I have stepped up to help her and her mother. In addition to driving my mother-in-law around, I have been cooking meals and cleaning and doing all my regular sissy wife duties. My superior wife really appreciates it and that makes me happy.

I have not been between my superior wife's legs because she has just been tired and sad and not in the mood, but she asks me to hold her and rub her shoulders and she appreciates that too.

I will be posting on topic because life goes on, but I wanted to explain to my couple of loyal followers where I have been.