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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Knowing my proper way around the kitchen!

This is normally how I am in the kitchen! 
This is often how I am preparing dinner for my superior wife! 

She does tease me, however, about getting burned by grease spatters on my little sissy clitty, but then she will laugh and say what difference would it make anyway if that happened! 

Well, she is right! It isn't like my clitty is of any use except for tinkling!

Nevertheless, she will permit me to use a girlie apron so that does not happen, but I normally end up serving her and cleaning up nakie. 

I will serve her wine after our dinners and cuddle up nakie to her as she decides what she will watch on TV -- Oh I never have control of the remote!

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  1. Wonderfully cute photo and the statement is soooo on target . .