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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This sissy wife appreciates flowers!

This is how I look after my superior wife brings
her sissy girl some flowers!
I have written of course about how my wife is dominant over me. How I do all of the housework for her and take care of her finances and her cars, etc. How I lick her to many, many orgasms while I am pretty much denied. How I lick her asshole to show my position in our marriage. How I submit to her spankings and her paddlings.

But do you know what: my superior wife is actually very, very nice to me! She loves me and although she does have dinner dates or dancing outings with men and goes to bars with men during her business trips, we don't dwell on what else she does during those times. I just know that she will be keeping me around.

But my superior wife takes care of this sissy. She holds me after I lick her to glorious orgasms. She loves to cook and so she makes me great meals. 

But one thing that I thought might be out of the ordinary and what I want to mention today is that she brings me home flowers! She does that because she knows that I just love flowers! She knows this because we work together on our flower garden.

Now, in most relationships, it is the man who brings home flowers to the wife. But in ours, it is the dominant wife who brings home flowers to her submissive sissy wife! Of course, I buy her flowers too.

Does anyone else have a superior wife who does the same thing?

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