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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A silly sissy wife!

My superior wife had to console me.
The other day, due to my superior wife hiring her brothers to put a new roof on our house, they made the decision that one of our trees had to go.

There was no consultation with me and of course I believe that if my superior wife makes a decision, then that is the decision. She was right of course as usual. The tree had caused problems with the current roof.

Still -- and this is a result of being on female hormones I know -- I cried like a baby as the tree came down and afterwards. That night in bed my superior wife had to console me, much as she did when our cat passed away about six months ago (That was really really tough on me and I cried for days).

My superior wife held me naked and caressed me and kept telling me that it was unfortunate but that the tree had to go for important reasons. She told me that the decisions she makes are always going to be good for the both of us and the household and made with a lot of thought.

Then she presented her beautiful pussy to me and for next hour -- even while I still teary-eyed about the old tree -- I pleasured her to several glorious orgasms. What she did was put me back into my element, that is, pleasuring her and serving her. Then she held me tightly again and caressed me some more.

I am still sad about the tree, but I know it is just because I am a silly sissy wife. I will get over it. Her brothers -- one is a builder, the other a mechanic -- are real men, but they have always been aware of the fact that I am a sissy. They have always done stuff around our house -- plumbing, fixing up stuff, cars, etc -- because I know nothing about that sort of thing. I know about female hormones and lingerie and panties and fashion and dildoes and pleasuring the wife and my denial.

One thing that is very true: Besides the fact hormones will give you breasts, make your little sissy clitty even more useless and make you an even weaker sissy, they just wreck your emotions! I cry at the drop of a hat -- on both happy and sad occasions.

So, how do your emotions treat you if you are a sissy wife?


  1. OMG gurl. you are SO Right. PLEASE don't feel alone here. Your wife is correct it IS the hormones for I am too experiencing the same things as of late. I do love the way they make me feel a majority of the time. however I am HIGHLY emotional on little things and things that I've never been before.

  2. Stevie,
    I just recently discovered your blog and read a lot of it to my wife. We can't believe how much we are like you and your wife. I'm not on hormones, so I can't relate to that but, PLEASE know how much we care and want to read about your thoughts and feelings. You are a beautiful writer and I'm sure a beautiful person. Keep writing. Thank You, Donna

  3. It is so precious and reassuring that our Female Masters occasionally slip out of their normal dominant mode and pay attention to the males' weakness and growing girlish emotions. It benefits them well too as they hone their skills and solidify in their minds how much stronger and superior they are to us... thus assuring their proper position of power in the hierarchy between the sexes.