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Friday, June 20, 2014

Being a sissy wife can be mundane!

This is mostly what a sissy
wife relationship looks like
for many of us!
You know, it's funny: I read a lot of blogs and it just seems that some sissy wives just have so much more going on that I do! 

For example, they are sucking the cocks of their wife's lovers! They are eating her lover's cum out of her pussy! Does that stuff really happen? I would really love to be doing that! But how many sissy wives are actually doing that or just writing about their fantasies?

If you are like me, then you lead a rather drab sissy wife life! I live to make my wife's life easy. She is a busy businesswoman, very stressed, has to deal with many problems in her job, has to travel. 

My job is to keep the house for her, keep the finances in order, do her laundry, etc. My job is also to make sure she has many many many orgasms, not to mention back rubs and keeping her wine glass filled!

But this is the most important duty of a sissy wife!
My superior wife says my licking her pussy should be the No. 1 thing on my mind! And it is! We do not even worry about my orgasms anymore as I have written in a previous post. And we sort of evolved into that. And yes, my taking female hormones has had a lot to do with that.

I spend a lot of time licking her asshole! For two reasons: She likes it! And there's that power thing. She likes the fact that she has so much power over me that I will actually lick her asshole and for long sessions.

She does punish me, but not like you read about in most femdom blogs. She will spank me and redden my butt with a ping pong-like leather paddle. But that has been it. She has mentioned from time to time how she would love to buy a bullwhip and learn to use it on me because it "looks like fun" but that has yet to happen. (Maybe I should just get off my butt and buy it for her!)

Now, there is the men thing: She is a flirt. She has gone out on dancing dates with men. She does have drinks with men in hotel bars during her travels. I have known this stuff is going on. I am not that naive that I don't believe even more is going on.  I have always just accepted it like a good sissy wife. But there have been no creampies like you read in many cuckold blogs, no me sucking the bull's cock. Again, does that stuff really happen?


  1. I love that you take such a realistic approach to things. Like you, I'm sure some of that stuff goes on. But I'm not a part of it. Rather, I do my part by licking my girlfriend to an orgasm whenever she asks for it, and by doing housework, and by fixing her breakfast on the weekend occasionally.



  2. It is refreshing to hear a real account of life in a female lead marriage. So many blogs are just a giant fantasy. Your description is very close to my marriage although I wish my wife would be more demanding of my services.

  3. I suppose it is true that many blogs mostly fantasy. But if it gives you any sense of hope that some are real, I assure you that my sissy life is deeply immersed in supporting my wife's sexual relationship with her men. And that includes fluffing them and cleaning her afterwards, much of the time. I also perform the menial sissy wife tasks that you discuss here. I would love for you to be given the opportunity to serve your wife sexually as I have been blessed to do for mine.



  4. How wonderful for you Leeanne! Especially the fluffing part. As someone who grew up a sissy of course I am already a cocksucker. As I have written, my superior wife does spend time with men. We do not talk about all that goes on. I do know that she goes dancing with men and has drinks with men when on her business trips. And just has a lot of friends who are real men.

    Sounds like you have the perfect life. I am quite envious! (And I adore your blog!)

  5. Oh, but Leeanne, you know what I am talking about. Some posts on blogs and forums are just too hard to believe. I do like to read them because they match my fantasies and I have some crazy fantasies! But I don't know what percentage of those posts are real?