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Friday, July 3, 2015

Diary of sissy wife, Part 1: Me

Ever stop and think about how you ended up being a sissy wife? Did you always want it that way? Or did you try to be a normal guy without success? Were you always submissive?

Here is my story -- some of which I may have already mentioned in previous posts -- and I hope you will add your stories in the comments:

I was a really girlie sissy as a boy. I had two older sisters who I wanted to be like, especially the really popular one. I had few male friends other than the other sissies, so I hung out with my sisters and their friends, other neighbor girls, my mother, and my female cousins and aunts.

Instead of learning how to play ball and hunt, etc., I learned how to cook, bake and sew. I learning about homemaking and fashion. I learning about doing hair and makeup and shaving my legs. And I was quite good at all of these things! My mother was my idol and not my father like most young boys.

My really best friends were the other sissies in the neighborhood and in school. We would hang out together and we had a spot at one sissy's house where we could dress up in girls clothes and our mothers lingerie that we borrowed after school and on Saturday mornings.

My first kissing was with the other sissies. By the time we were teens, we were having some of the real boys join us for kissing. Naturally, what those real boys were really there for were blowjobs. So we sissies started giving blowjobs to the boys, especially two regulars. And through junior and senior high school, we did that in addition to being the entertainment at parties by giving blowjobs there too.

I did not have a girlfriend in high school, although I did have many female friends who treated me and the other sissies like one of the girls. I did have crushes on some of the boys, especially the ones whose cocks made it into my mouth and whose cum I was swallowing on a regular basis. 

I have to say I loved being on my knees in front of a boy or on a bed with him, caressing his ass as I pleasured his cock and balls! Oh wait, could that be the reason I never had a girlfriend!

Sometimes I felt really crushed knowing that a boy that I liked and was pleasuring would never be liking me back. The other boys I was blowing I just blowed because I loved the taste of cock and their cum. 

There was one boy in particular named Pete that I was really in love with! He was so cute and his cock was one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid my eyes on. It tasted so good. And I just wanted to eat him up! But all the pretty and popular girls in school wanted to date him, so he had his pick. Still, he was one of the boys who came around to the sissies for no-strings-attached blowjobs. He did treat me really nicely however and was good friend.

In college, I still never had a girlfriend although there were some girls that I wished were my girlfriend. But they remained my "girl friends." There was one girl Lynda who I ate out on regular basis but she had a steady boyfriend (more on that in another post). And that was the closest I was to having a girlfriend. I mean, how many girls want to have a sissy for a girlfriend anyway?

There were other girls that I would eat out and of course there were more boys whose cocks I sucked. The major thing here is that this was all done without reciprocation on their part. The pattern was definitely that I was, and was becoming even more so, a submissive sissy.

Also more on this later, but right after college I had short affairs with two men and although it consisted mostly of me sucking their cocks, they also were the only two guys who ever fucked me in the ass. I will get into those affairs later, but the fact is they ended and I moved on.

I don't know why I was so shocked to find this out, but sissy girls are not really accepted by the vast majority of gay guys. After my two affairs ended I started going into gay bars but felt that I was not really wanted there. I would wear short shorts and a tank top, all shaved smooth, my hairstyle on the long side and girlie. But the guys there wanted to be with real men, just like I did. 

The only interest I got was from some unattractive old guys who would buy me drinks and feel up my ass. I don't know why I did not go home with them. It's just that I was still hoping to find a guy like Pete from high school.

I wanted to be a man's wife at that point, even though at that time there was no such thing as same-sex marriage. 

So it was the saddest part of my life at that time. And I will stop there because in Part 2 I will tell my wife's story and in Part 3 I will tell our story together.

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