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Friday, July 3, 2015

Diary of sissy wife, Part 2: My superior wife

I am proud to say that my superior wife was one of the most popular and prettiest girls in her high school. That's funny because she was just like my sister! The type of girl I always wanted to be!

Judging from my superior wife's photo albums, she changed boyfriends like most people change the oil in their cars, meaning every six months or so! The pictures of her at homecoming dances and proms are stunning and she is with a different guy in every photo! And these guys were all hot!

Based on what she has told me and more photos, this did not change for her in college. She dated the captain of the baseball team for an extended period. And he was really hot too! 

She dated three black guys from the basketball team at various times. One of them was the star player because I remember reading about him in the newspaper. For this sissy wife, there is something very exciting about thinking that my superior wife had at least three big beautiful black cocks in her mouth and beautiful pussy! Not to mention the hot baseball player!

She has mentioned at length one of these basketball players. He was from Nigeria. Who knew they played basketball in Nigeria! She always mentions him because of his smell! Not because it was a bad smell, but she says he would coat his skin with different oils. She says it was an African thing.

She has told me that many times he would have her massage his body and coat his smooth black skin with these oils. And she would end up getting these oils all over her body! She says her girlfriends would always comment that they knew when she was with that guy because they could smell him on her! Sort of like a woman can smell like a man's aftershave I guess.

Now, she has never spoken at length about him fucking her, but how does a gal get exotic oil all over her body without a man holding her and kissing her and fucking her!

This must have been a special time for her though because of all the guys she has been with, he is the one that she brings up the most. Sometimes around prom time she will reminisce about a guy from that time, but it is the Nigerian guy that she speaks of mostly.

My opinion is that for her this was a time of some very special fucking! Something that has never been repeated for her. And that would especially be true with me. Many times, I wish that she would have that kind of pleasure again!

But anyway, two things happened: First, she says, he pretty much tried to own her, because I guess that is how they do it in Nigeria. She says she got worried about where things were headed if she did not obey him. She says she tried to tell him that that is not how American women are treated.

Then, he got caught with drugs and got kicked off the basketball team. Later, after pleading guilty to charges and for academic reasons, he was kicked out of school. Since he was no longer in school, he was forced to return to Nigeria.

Then, she says, she started dating some rich guy from Boston, whose dad owned a shoe company. This must be what really changed her opinion about men. She says he also tried to control her life. He was a spoiled rich kid and always had his way, I guess. 

My superior wife is a confident and independent woman. I can see how she did not want a guy telling her what to do all the time, no matter how he performed with his cock. She says she tried to shake him. 

After graduation, she stayed close to home and he moved back to Boston. She says he tried to get her to move to Boston and kept hounding and stalking her, so much so that he pissed off her father, who was about to shoot the guy!

As fate would have it, she was hired in the same office where I worked! And we started talking. 

And how we got together will be the topic of the next installment of my windy essay! 

(I hope some sissy wives are reading this, but I am not getting any comments, which makes me sort of sad. As always, it would be great if you would post your own experiences here!)


  1. Hello Stevie,
    Although I'm not a sissy wife, nly an old man with submissive feelings, I love to read your blog.
    I wanted uou yo know this,


  2. Please keep sharing, you are giving this sissy some much needed hope.

  3. OMG gurl I LOVE your stories I too am a sissy wife and I find this VERY VERY interesting as well as makes me relate VERY much. I do look forward to your next post. Feel free to email me ANYTIME gurl if you wanna tlak.I would enjoy the company and convo.

  4. Stevie,

    Great post and i look forward to reading the next update.


  5. You are my idol and have been for years
    I am a Sissy wife and luv'n it
    My spouse is quite a bit younger than I and we are devoted to one another
    I will be 80 this year and we have an unbelievable love life
    Never stop posting please

  6. Wow, thanks! I wish I could post more, but when I say that I am an actual true-life sissy wife I mean it. I am very very busy taking care of all of my superior wife's needs. This is not just a fantasy as you probably know Marilyn. It is a way of life. I just finished my housework before sitting down to type this, for example. I would be outside doing work except for the fact that there is a storm coming. But I do plan to keeping posting stuff!

  7. Please do
    We shop together every weekend The dept., stores know us and I an treated with respect and a smile. dressed sissy and made up too
    Love my life and proud to be hers

  8. Thank you for sharing Stevie. I too am a sissy wife and can certainly relate to staying busy every single day while my superior wife is away at the office.

  9. I loved reading about your life! I so much want to read more! I do hope you get time to write more! It all sounds very wonderful! Please try to get a little time to write more!