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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Told you it is sometimes mundane!

So, today, I am being a good sissy wife!

My superior wife and I work vastly differe

nt hours so I was home when she was preparing to go to work. I put on a pot of coffee and after her shower I licked her to a glorious orgasm, then went back to the kitchen as she got dressed and made her her English mufflin.

A sissy wife must make sure everyone
else is comfortable without
thinking of herself!
My superior wife reminded me that her brothers were coming over in a few days to put a new roof on our house and it was my job to make them comfortable -- since I otherwise will be of no help to them because of the sissy girl I am.

I am to call them to ask them what I can prepare for lunch for them and what kind of beer they wish to have. I am to make sure they have towels ready for when they shower after doing that hot manly work. 

My superior wife said I should stand by in case they need me to get them water or Gatorade. And if they go into the house to pee and miss the toilet, I am to check right away and clean the bathroom. I am to launder their work clothes and underwear when they are all done.

So, as a sissy wife, that is my role in the roof project! My superior wife and her brothers planned it all out and ordered the materials and took care of the delivery to our house.

I will be calling the brothers today to see what they want me to prepare for their lunch and what beer I am to pick up -- I know it will be a different brand for each of them!

Meanwhile, I am doing my regular housework and getting our dinner underway for later. And I am washing my superior wife's delicate things too.

I know real guys are probably out on the golf course and their wives are doing the housework, but I have to say that I would not trade the life of a sissy wife for anything!

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