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Monday, July 21, 2014

Taking care of my superior wife's panties!

So, I am off work today, but a sissy wife is never really off, are they?

I have been doing things for my superior wife all morning. Paying bills, updating her mother's GPS unit, making appointment for one of our cars.

I have also been doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen and rest of the house. I hand wash my superior wife's dainty things in cold water wash, taking extra special care with those items. I have been also washing her other panties and more rugged bras, like her sports bras.

She expects to have her dainty things like her lacy panties and bras and garter belts placed back in her dainty things drawer! And she expected her workout panties and sports bras placed back in her exercise drawer! Otherwise, any bra and panty set that matches has to be put back together and placed in the proper drawer that way!

Sometimes it seems like my life revolves are her panties and dainty things! I spend so much time taking care of them!

I have no problem with doing any of that! As a sissy T-girl, I have my dainty things and sets arranged that way too! I hand wash my dainty things along with hers!

My superior wife is so lucky that I think like a girl when taking care of her needs! And I know she does appreciate that!

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  1. Only you are lucky. Mistress is entitled and deserves your service. If i thought Mistress was lucky with respect to anything i did, i would be spanked long and very hard. you may need to own up to a mistake.