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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Going back to nature!

This was how I was sitting my our campfire!
Until it got really buggy, that is!
So, I just finished up handwashing my superior wife's bras after doing laundry for three days because we just came back from a camping trip!

Now, I know very little about camping so we were not roughing it. We had a nice cabin in the woods. We just wanted to get away to a quiet and beautiful spot. We also like to hike and enjoy the outdoors that way.

But, being in a cabin did not mean things changed for this sissy wife! And why should it? It does not change in a hotel room, after all. I was naked while in the cabin even if my superior wife was fully clothed. We had our own bathroom (with flush toilet, sink, shower and heater -- I said we were not roughing it!), but it was about 40 feet away. My superior wife did not make me run nakie to the shower -- I was allowed to put on panties and a T-shirt or tank top.

However, when it was dark and we had a fire going, I sat naked around the fire like the girl pictured in the photo above! That was pretty nice, that is until it got buggy. That was when I wrapped myself in a blanket.

In the cabin, we had no TV, of course, as we were pretty far out in the woods and on top of a mountain as well. Mobile Internet was very very spotty (if present at all) and the cell phone signal was only a little better if you found the right spot! Not complaining, though. We had music and stuff to read.

But since we retired early and got up early to hike, it gave me more time to pleasure my superior wife's beautiful pussy with my tongue! I brought her to glorious orgasms three times each night and we were there for seven nights. We had some wine that we bought at nearby local wineries so it was really a good time. 

I, of course, had zero orgasms, but then again I do not expect any. I rarely get an erection anyway and if I do it does not stay long. My superior wife did suck on my breasts even though she ignored my little limp thing.

It's all about the wife's pleasure if you are sissy wife though, isn't it!

The funny thing was that when I went over to the bathroom when it was dark, I went nakie. And my superior wife said I had better watch it or a bear would get me! I had really never thought of that and so it got me worried. So I started going to the bathroom with my flashlight and my hiking stick, just in case!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my little camping story! Do you have any such experiences of your own? Please share if you do!


  1. 3 times each night...you work so hard!

  2. You know, Dave, that is just the way we prefer to be. Somehow I got so lucky to find a dominant woman who wanted to be with a submissive sissy like me. She loves the attention -- meaning orgasms! -- she gets from me. She loves receiving oral sex more than anything. I love being a submissive girlie girl more than anything!

  3. "Watch out for BEARS" - Just like a Woman! Your Superior Wife joking and making fun of your male frailty and fears. Just because Females are getting better, stronger and braver than we are anymore, they like seeing us timid and girlish... IT's NOT FAIR!