LOOKING FOR SIMILAR BLOGS: Do you know any other blogs about a sissy or T-girl being the real wife? Especially if it contains real-life stories, as opposed to just porn? And even better if if is from the female's point of view? Drop me an e-mail or add to a comment you might make!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A sissy wife's request for other sissy wives!

Hey girlie girls! I have a request: I have received some very nice comments from other sissies who have said they love reading this blog. I would hope that it is because it is true -- unless I write about a fantasy I have -- and is pretty much my everyday thoughts and the everyday interactions between a sissy wife (me!) and a dominant woman (my superior wife!).

My request is that I would really really like to read experiences of some other sissies wives. It would be nice to know that I am not that rare in being a sissy wife, although it is great that some sissies comment on this blog.

So if you have some other blogs that you look in on that deal with sissy wives or some other forums, please pass that information along to me. Even story sites would be great, although I would love to read about real-life experiences like my own.

Thanks in advance and please keep up your comments to this blog so that I know that I am not alone in this lifestyle.


  1. Sorry to see that there were no responses except for the three spam responses that were deleted. Oh well, I guess that means there are not that many of us after all.

  2. I hope not ! I am a fledgling aspiring sissy wife ...and I'd love to share my progress as it comes .she's very "vanilla" and I am lost on how to slowly get her into the role of her being ACtively dominate ,which she isn't .l

  3. Thank you Shy! I have a selfish reason for writing this blog: I really like to read about what other sissy wives are doing out there so I feel that there is not something wrong with me. That our lifestyle is something that couples actually engage in and is not a perversion!

    Please let us know of your progress! I have written here about how my superior wife evolved into the dom wife/sissy wife lifestyle and how it does not just happen overnight.

  4. Hi Stevie, I don't know if my blog shall fulfill your expectations but please do read my blog and leave your comments. I am from India and the only reason I am writing my blog is to get in touch with other sissy wives/Househusbands. Actually, due to my life style, My social circle is virtually non existent and I would love to get in touch with people like myself.

  5. Well, keep looking in here. The reason I write this blog is I like to hear from other sissy wives like me!