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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My wife is not nasty, quite the contrary!

My superior wife my be dominant over me, but that does not mean she is not caring. She's never nasty to me, unless of course I deserve it!

Sometime she will even surprise me in bed by sucking on my little thing for a little bit. Most of the time it is to just tease me, but sometimes in a rare instance she will suck me off and after I make a little spurt into her mouth she will feed me my cum.

Most of the time though she will ask me, after I have given her a great orgasm with my tongue, what she can do to please me. I always say let me lick you to another orgasm, of course! After the second orgasm, I may say please let me lick your asshole!

That's just me though; I get my pleasure from giving my superior wife pleasure with my tongue. But it is nice that thinks of me. That just makes me want to pleasure her all the more in bed and please her all the more outside of bed.

What about your superior wife or partner? Do they treat you nicely? Or maybe they are stern with you?

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  1. I agree Stevie, while Discipline must be maintained Cruelty cannot be condoned.
    A Superior Woman shows her Superiority by not relying on Cruelty to control her sissy,
    she finds better ways.