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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Which wife does the cooking at your house?

I do much of the cooking at our house ...
... and I wish it would be like this!
I do much of the cooking in our house, mostly because I want to give my superior wife as much time to relax as possible. She will sit there with a glass of wine in the living room while I prepare dinner and she will tell me about her busy day and I will tell her what I did around the house.

However, she does enjoy cooking and baking as well because she is still, after all, the more feminine partner. Sometimes we will do this together and engage in girl talk while doing it!

And to show how much she appreciates everything I do for her, she will pack a delicious lunch for me to take to work. I do pretty much every other chore around the house so my superior wife can relax when she is at home -- she works some long hours as an exec. But it is comforting that she makes sure I have a nice lunch to take to work.

I know she especially loves to do it because of all the great orgasms I give her! Depending on what's going on -- whether she is tired or one of us is not feeling well, or maybe we are just busy with things -- I pleasure her with my tongue somewhere between 10 and 20 times a week! With no reciprocation 99 percent of the time, of course!

So, what is your cooking arrangement? Do you do the cooking and baking at your house if you are a sissy wife? Do you share it? Are you forbidden to do it (ha ha)?


  1. Hi there Stevie!

    First let me say that I enjoy reading your blog very much - thank you for sharing your relationship with us.

    If my employment situation were less demanding I'd be cooking all the time. But I do the cooking for most meals when my schedule permits.

    Of course I'd love to be doing it full time, along with all the house chores.

  2. My superior wife and I mostly work at different times, have different days off, etc. So when I am at home by myself, I am expected to be doing chores to keep the house nice and the bills up to date.If I want to do something else during the day that is an activity for me, I normally ask my superior wife if it is OK. I, of course, convince her that my chores are done!

  3. Well im still looking for a guy for whom i can cook daily a d surprise him!

  4. I do most of the cooking and cleaning of her house as that is how a sissy should treat a Superior Female, more especially when the sissy is the wife!