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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A day in the life of a sissy wife!

I love it when my superior wife has to work and I am off for the day! Well, actually I love it when we are both off so let me explain:

Could not see a credit for this artwork, but it
is great showing the wonderful life
of a sissy wife, the life I am so
fortunate to live as well!
When I am off and my superior wife is at her office, I will work most of the early part of the day on housework, running errands, paying bills, etc. -- all things to make my superior wife's life easier. (I was even sewing today!)

After lunchtime, I will start a nice dinner for her to enjoy after a hectic day at work. Today, I put a roast in the oven and the potatoes are peeled and ready to be boiled. I will ask her if she wants me to mash them up for her. Salads are prepared and in the fridge. Wine, as well!

This is a typical dinner that I will prepare for my superior wife. When things are somewhat ready and it is nearing her time to come home, I will freshen myself up with a nice shower and body shave and spray on a nice scent for her.

It varies, but I will greet her at the door nakie, in just panties, maybe a bra and panties, or maybe adding a garter belt and stockings, which she has said she really prefers.

I love it when she enters her home in her stylish business suit and she takes me in her arms and holds me tight. I kiss her lips and face as I melt in her arms. I take her briefcase from her and as she sits down for a bit in the living room I pour her a glass of wine. I will sit on the floor at her feet as she tells me about her day. But just for a while, as I have to finish preparing her dinner.

I just so enjoy serving my superior wife like this! And I clean up the dinner dishes while she sits herself down to watch some television.

But I am far from finished. When she announces that she has to get ready for bed, that means I will be taking my position between her legs to give her several glorious orgasms and a body rub as well as she drifts off to sleep.

I go to sleep much after her but it gives me a little bit of time to relax after my busy day serving my superior wife. But I love to do it so much! When I am finally ready to crawl into bed with her, I do so nakie and I cuddle up against her beautiful ass. I love her scent and think about how lucky I am that she has chosen me to be her sissy wife!


  1. I had a day much like yours. I made coffee and left it outside the bathroom while she was showering, we went shopping than had a bite to eat with lots of girl talk. She asked my opinion on a craft project She was working on, and used my ideas! That made me feel really special. Later I made a nice meal and after cleaning up while She watched the news.
    Later She said that it was such a nice day that if I wasn't too tired She could use a massage. I'm never to tired for that, because usually I get to worship Her whole body. I'm always locked up in chastity with my panties on. This way I stay focused on Her and I wear a strap on so She can still have the pleasure of a big dick. She says I'm the best sissy a woman could have. I love my life.
    The next morning I read your post here and thought we have the best lives.
    Please keep writing.

  2. I am so glad to hear from you Donna! I really really like hearing from other sissy wives just to know there are others out there like me! My superior wife really appreciates me too! And I really do love my life! And I say that as I do the laundry, clean the house, run the dishwasher, change the kitty box, pay the bills, grocery shop and start thinking about preparing dinner for her. LOL!