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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A weak sissy wife, but loving it!

I posted the photo at right just to show the dress that I am wearing today as I do my housework! Actually, I could not find an appropriate photo or piece of artwork to illustrate what I am about to say on quick notice!

By the way, that is a Sofia Vergara dress from Kmart! They have a whole line of lovely dresses from her line and I have many of them! Not too pricey either and wonderfully sexy for a sissy wife to wear for her mistress!

Anyway, as part of my chores, my superior wife reminded me to put salt in the water softener. We live in a rural area and the water can be hard and rusty if the water softener is not kept up. 

So I went to the hardware store and luckily a man put a 40-pound bag of softener salt in the back of my van for me. I struggled with getting it into the garage! And I struggled even more trying to lift it more than four feet to pour the salt into the softener brine tank!

I have never been that strong and always have had skinny arms. I could not climb that dreaded rope in gym class, one of the few boys who could not! And we were all the sissies, of course.

Since taking female hormones for many years now and also getting older, I am definitely getting even weaker than the sissy I grew up as! My wrists are especially weak and there is no upper body strength. Haha, nothing has really changed from junior high school!

So, I cannot lift even a 40-pound bag of salt without a real struggle! I don't even think about buying the big 80-pound bags! I'd have a man put it in my vehicle but I could never get it in the house! Maybe with a dolly! So I would cut it open and transfer it into the house and into the softener a bucket at a time!

Am I complaining? Not at all! I love being weak and submissive! My brain thinks that way! Always has! My superior wife is at least an equal to me in strength, maybe even stronger since she works out a lot at the gym. She even lifts weights to stay strong and toned!

Then there is her sissy wife: struggling with 40 pounds!

* I have to add: The bag of salt read "Easy open bag." There was a perforated area. I could not even rip open the bag. I had to get scissors to cut it open. So much for an easy open bag!

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