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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A sissy wife's New Year's resolutions!

This such a great way to be!
If you are this fortunate, strive
to be a better sissy wife
in the New Year!
All I know about New Year's is that the last thing I will do on New Year's Eve will be to lick my superior wife to a glorious orgasm and the first thing that I will do on New Year's Day will be to lick my superior wife to a glorious orgasm!

She asked for our traditional meal of pork and sauerkraut, so I will be preparing that for her! We may be visiting some friends or relatives or maybe receive a visit during the day. Then on New Year's Day evening I will probably be giving her a massage and then pleasuring her sweet pussy with my tongue for as long as she wishes!

In all seriousness, my top New Year's resolution will be to try to be an even better sissy wife for my beautiful superior wife! I will strive to do better at my housework and show more eagerness in my giving pleasure to her -- if that is even possible!

Why do I say this? Because I realize how fortunate I am to live the life of a sissy wife! So many stories of sissies, crossdressers, transgenders -- whatever you are -- and their wives turn out badly. I read a lot of posts on forums where the wife writes about being so dismayed about her spouse's crossdressing or her spouse being transgendered. 

As you know, most of those comments are not supportive and most wives end up leaving their sissies spouses. And can you really blame the wife? She thought she married a man, but really did not. 

That is why I am so fortunate! And my superior wife is also my best girlfriend, my best friend period. Well, pretty much my only real friend because I devote all my non-working moments to her. She always says we are a team. That is why I am always thinking about making her life easier and giving her pleasure!

That is the least I can do. I am so fortunate that I can be girlie and dress girlie. So fortunate that I have a beautiful and delicious pussy to worship. So fortunate that I am feminized through hormones.

If you are also that fortunate, never forget that! And devote yourself to your superior wife even more in the New Year! 

And for those of you who look in on this blog and are not so fortunate, I hope things work out better for you in the New Year. I would just say keep trying. And hope that your superior
wife will come around and see all the benefits of having a sissy wife!


  1. Stevie, I envy the relationship you have with your superior wife......especially the part about being feminized with hormones.....you are SO LUCKY, honey.
    Happy New Year !!!

  2. Well said Stevie. i am in a very similar situation to you and never a day passes when i don't forget quite how lucky i am to be with a woman who fully accepts and embraces me for the person i have become. We are indeed the lucky few. Have a great 2015.