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Monday, November 2, 2015

Drinking a superior woman's pee !

I am not going to brag that I am some sort of toilet slave, because that is not the case at all. But, having said that, I have drank my superior wife's pee probably a couple dozen times over the years! 

As a submissive sissy, I would do it more and whenever told to, but my superior wife is not especially into peeing in my mouth!

Still, she has done it and liked it! Probably a dozen times I was giving her such intense oral orgasms that she just totally lost it and began peeing and I of course clamped my mouth down on her beautiful pussy and drank it all in! She felt embarrassed the first time she let loose and I told her I was perfectly fine with it! So she was not so embarrassed the next times she did it that was for sure!

Then there was the first time that she actually did use me as a toilet. I was about to start worshiping her beautiful pussy as I always do and she said to wait a minute because she had to pee really bad. I said to her to let me take care of her need. So she moved up and sat on my mouth and peed in my mouth until she was done! I continued sucking and licking her pussy until she had a wonderful orgasm! And she found that to be so hot! So we have done that probably many times as well!

An especially great time is when my superior wife has to pee in the morning and she will say she is so tired and doesn't want to get out of bed and so I will take care of her need to go!

In addition to that, I will lick my superior wife's pussy clean the times after she has crawled out of bed and gone to the bathroom then crawled back into bed. I told her how much I need to taste her and she has grown to love it!

But I love to submit to my superior wife is all ways! And drinking her pee is just one of those things that make us both happy!

So, have you drank the pee of a superior woman or even a man if that is who you are with?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Superior wife wants more body worship!

So, yesterday, my superior wife tells me that I need to lick her naked more! 

I said, "What! I lick you every day and many times more than once!"

She said yes, that is great, but she wants it more! Actually she said she wants me to lick her whole body more and not just her pussy and breasts and asshole, and more kisses all over and also more massages! She wants me to kiss and lick her legs and back and arms and, well, just all over!

I have done all that before, of course! And as a submissive sissy wife, I am really happy to comply, but it's just the matter of finding the time and fitting in those wonderful times when I worship her body. We both work, so there already is that limitation.

So, my question today is, does any other sissy wife worship their superior wife's body all over with licks and kisses? Not just here and there, but on a regular basis, I mean? How do you find the time to do it, above and beyond the regular worshiping of our superior wives' pussies that we all love more than anything in the world?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

No sissy friends, but close!

A loyal follower of this blog asked me recently if I had any sissy friends to interact with. Unfortunately, I have to say, I do not. I have really not had a regular sissy girlfriend since college.

The reason for that probably is that I don't really have a lot of friends period. I have my family and my superior wife's family and I have my co-workers. I have my superior wife's friends. But because of my work duties and the duties I have worshiping and serving my superior wife, I just don't have a lot of friends to call my own anymore.

However, I am happy to say that I do have an alternative to having sissy friends. I meet regularly with ladies who live in our neighborhood. We meet over coffee and maybe do crafts or gardening. We talk about fashion and our spouses, of course. Sometimes we will go shopping or for lunch. My superior wife encourages my visits with the neighbor gals!

What's funny is that the husbands of these gals have no problem with it! They know the way I am -- I am harmless, of course -- and they know my situation with my superior wife.

But these visits with the neighborhood gals remind me of how as a young sissy I would spend such quality time with my mother and sisters and also my aunts and female cousins. That is how I learned how to cook and bake and sew and do other girlie things.

Also as a young sissy I had a sissy friend I would "play house" with. We would dress up, of course, and give blow jobs to boys who would come around! It would be wonderful to have such a friend today, but sadly that is not the case. 

I have my superior wife to serve and worship and that takes most of my time, so I am happen to get a break and spend some time with the gals in my neighborhood who treat me like one of the girls!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just a recap for the new followers!

I am still here and like I said my superior wife has been keeping me busy. We have a swimming area behind the house and she desires that I keep the pool nice and patio area so she can go for a nice swim and sit out there and drink her wine!

So, to the couple of new people that posted recently, I really do plan to keep writing about being a sissy wife and thanks for taking an interest in the lifestyle. I always say that I wish I would find more sissies like me read about!

But for the new people who are following this blog I just wanted to briefly recap what I am all about:

* I have always been a sissy and have always wanted to be a girl. Just as far back as I can remember. Started actively dressing like a girl at about age 12. "Played house" with another sissy friend.

* I played around with boys growing up, especially giving blowjobs, but found no place in the gay scene for some reason because those gay guys were looking for masculine partners!

* I had crushes on both boys and girls, but never really had a girlfriend -- or boyfriend for that matter -- until college. But, as during high school, these were actually more like close friends who were girls as opposed to real girlfriends. If you are sissy reading this, then you surely know how hard it is to find a real woman to want you as a partner.

* I have shaved my body since junior high school, much to my embarrassment.

* I grew up with a sister who is (still!) just a year older than me. I got caught borrowing her stuff and she actually started giving me things she no longer wanted like undies and short dresses! She was one of the most popular girls in school.

* Most of my close friends were and still are female and growing up I spent most of my time with my sister, mother, female cousins and aunts because that is just where I fit in.

* I was fortunate to meet my superior wife after she had broken up with a guy who was trying to control her life. She definitely did not want that. She took to me because I was willing to submit to her, let her control her life, let me make her life easier and pleasurable. She loved the fact that a sissy T-girl was willing to do all that for her as opposed to being with a manly man who wanted her to submit to him.

* In the bedroom, it is all about my superior wife's pleasure. It did not just always be that way, but it evolved to that. Because I am so tiny, it was a waste of time for me to try to get her off with the little thing. So from the start I was licking her to orgasms and was quite good at it so she decided that that was what we would do and we would not worry about my little thing anymore.

* So our sex life is me pleasuring my superior wife's glorious pussy with my tongue and I would not have it any other way. Even if I do say so myself, I am very good at getting her off and numerous times too! Every day at least once; sometimes three times!

* Most of the time, my superior wife just ignores my little thing and accepts the pleasure I give her and does not reciprocate. Well pretty much all of the time. But not really always. Being the loving superior wife that she is, she will "once in a blue moon" as they say, suck on my little thing just to torture me. And if she sucks me to an orgasm, she will have me swallow the little bit of cream that comes out.

* And oh ya, the most important thing, about 10 years ago now, she decided that I should take estrogen and in addition to appearing more female as far as my hair and skin and shape, I have B-cup boobies and an even smaller little thing and sack down below that are even more useless because I really can't get it up much anymore. (Which is so awesome, by the way, because I always hated erections.)

* So in bed we are about as close as you can get to being two girls without being born that way.

* Do I present myself as girl in everyday life? No, not really. I wear female clothing that I can get away with wearing in public. So that pretty much means just not dresses and skirts. I will wear female shorts and tops for sure.

Oh, I should stop there! I just wanted to let the followers who have commented very recently know what I am all about in case they have not read too far back. To let them know that this is for real and not a fantasy and though it may be difficult to achieve a sissy wife lifestyle at least I can tell you that I am living it. I can assure you that I have not made anything up unless I have written about a fantasy that I have.

So, please comment on or ask about anything that I have rehashed here today!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Diary of sissy wife, Part 1: Me

Ever stop and think about how you ended up being a sissy wife? Did you always want it that way? Or did you try to be a normal guy without success? Were you always submissive?

Here is my story -- some of which I may have already mentioned in previous posts -- and I hope you will add your stories in the comments:

I was a really girlie sissy as a boy. I had two older sisters who I wanted to be like, especially the really popular one. I had few male friends other than the other sissies, so I hung out with my sisters and their friends, other neighbor girls, my mother, and my female cousins and aunts.

Instead of learning how to play ball and hunt, etc., I learned how to cook, bake and sew. I learning about homemaking and fashion. I learning about doing hair and makeup and shaving my legs. And I was quite good at all of these things! My mother was my idol and not my father like most young boys.

My really best friends were the other sissies in the neighborhood and in school. We would hang out together and we had a spot at one sissy's house where we could dress up in girls clothes and our mothers lingerie that we borrowed after school and on Saturday mornings.

My first kissing was with the other sissies. By the time we were teens, we were having some of the real boys join us for kissing. Naturally, what those real boys were really there for were blowjobs. So we sissies started giving blowjobs to the boys, especially two regulars. And through junior and senior high school, we did that in addition to being the entertainment at parties by giving blowjobs there too.

I did not have a girlfriend in high school, although I did have many female friends who treated me and the other sissies like one of the girls. I did have crushes on some of the boys, especially the ones whose cocks made it into my mouth and whose cum I was swallowing on a regular basis. 

I have to say I loved being on my knees in front of a boy or on a bed with him, caressing his ass as I pleasured his cock and balls! Oh wait, could that be the reason I never had a girlfriend!

Sometimes I felt really crushed knowing that a boy that I liked and was pleasuring would never be liking me back. The other boys I was blowing I just blowed because I loved the taste of cock and their cum. 

There was one boy in particular named Pete that I was really in love with! He was so cute and his cock was one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid my eyes on. It tasted so good. And I just wanted to eat him up! But all the pretty and popular girls in school wanted to date him, so he had his pick. Still, he was one of the boys who came around to the sissies for no-strings-attached blowjobs. He did treat me really nicely however and was good friend.

In college, I still never had a girlfriend although there were some girls that I wished were my girlfriend. But they remained my "girl friends." There was one girl Lynda who I ate out on regular basis but she had a steady boyfriend (more on that in another post). And that was the closest I was to having a girlfriend. I mean, how many girls want to have a sissy for a girlfriend anyway?

There were other girls that I would eat out and of course there were more boys whose cocks I sucked. The major thing here is that this was all done without reciprocation on their part. The pattern was definitely that I was, and was becoming even more so, a submissive sissy.

Also more on this later, but right after college I had short affairs with two men and although it consisted mostly of me sucking their cocks, they also were the only two guys who ever fucked me in the ass. I will get into those affairs later, but the fact is they ended and I moved on.

I don't know why I was so shocked to find this out, but sissy girls are not really accepted by the vast majority of gay guys. After my two affairs ended I started going into gay bars but felt that I was not really wanted there. I would wear short shorts and a tank top, all shaved smooth, my hairstyle on the long side and girlie. But the guys there wanted to be with real men, just like I did. 

The only interest I got was from some unattractive old guys who would buy me drinks and feel up my ass. I don't know why I did not go home with them. It's just that I was still hoping to find a guy like Pete from high school.

I wanted to be a man's wife at that point, even though at that time there was no such thing as same-sex marriage. 

So it was the saddest part of my life at that time. And I will stop there because in Part 2 I will tell my wife's story and in Part 3 I will tell our story together.

Diary of sissy wife, Part 2: My superior wife

I am proud to say that my superior wife was one of the most popular and prettiest girls in her high school. That's funny because she was just like my sister! The type of girl I always wanted to be!

Judging from my superior wife's photo albums, she changed boyfriends like most people change the oil in their cars, meaning every six months or so! The pictures of her at homecoming dances and proms are stunning and she is with a different guy in every photo! And these guys were all hot!

Based on what she has told me and more photos, this did not change for her in college. She dated the captain of the baseball team for an extended period. And he was really hot too! 

She dated three black guys from the basketball team at various times. One of them was the star player because I remember reading about him in the newspaper. For this sissy wife, there is something very exciting about thinking that my superior wife had at least three big beautiful black cocks in her mouth and beautiful pussy! Not to mention the hot baseball player!

She has mentioned at length one of these basketball players. He was from Nigeria. Who knew they played basketball in Nigeria! She always mentions him because of his smell! Not because it was a bad smell, but she says he would coat his skin with different oils. She says it was an African thing.

She has told me that many times he would have her massage his body and coat his smooth black skin with these oils. And she would end up getting these oils all over her body! She says her girlfriends would always comment that they knew when she was with that guy because they could smell him on her! Sort of like a woman can smell like a man's aftershave I guess.

Now, she has never spoken at length about him fucking her, but how does a gal get exotic oil all over her body without a man holding her and kissing her and fucking her!

This must have been a special time for her though because of all the guys she has been with, he is the one that she brings up the most. Sometimes around prom time she will reminisce about a guy from that time, but it is the Nigerian guy that she speaks of mostly.

My opinion is that for her this was a time of some very special fucking! Something that has never been repeated for her. And that would especially be true with me. Many times, I wish that she would have that kind of pleasure again!

But anyway, two things happened: First, she says, he pretty much tried to own her, because I guess that is how they do it in Nigeria. She says she got worried about where things were headed if she did not obey him. She says she tried to tell him that that is not how American women are treated.

Then, he got caught with drugs and got kicked off the basketball team. Later, after pleading guilty to charges and for academic reasons, he was kicked out of school. Since he was no longer in school, he was forced to return to Nigeria.

Then, she says, she started dating some rich guy from Boston, whose dad owned a shoe company. This must be what really changed her opinion about men. She says he also tried to control her life. He was a spoiled rich kid and always had his way, I guess. 

My superior wife is a confident and independent woman. I can see how she did not want a guy telling her what to do all the time, no matter how he performed with his cock. She says she tried to shake him. 

After graduation, she stayed close to home and he moved back to Boston. She says he tried to get her to move to Boston and kept hounding and stalking her, so much so that he pissed off her father, who was about to shoot the guy!

As fate would have it, she was hired in the same office where I worked! And we started talking. 

And how we got together will be the topic of the next installment of my windy essay! 

(I hope some sissy wives are reading this, but I am not getting any comments, which makes me sort of sad. As always, it would be great if you would post your own experiences here!)

How I ended up being a sissy wife!

Believe it or not, I did not aspire to be a woman's sissy wife! Did you?

Starting when I was about 12 and was "playing house" with a fellow sissy and some boys we knew, I wanted to be with guys in a big way! Older men that I would see in locker rooms would really turn me on too!

All the girls liked me as a close friend, but they would not date me. In college they would take a pleasurable pussy licking from me, but still they would not date me.

But things sort of changed after college. I took a job in small town and really nothing went on there. It was a conservative setting, as opposed to the liberal setting of a campus at a major university.

I wanted to be like this!

I did have some relations with a guy who lived in the same apartment house -- that's a story for another day -- but not much went on with me sexually unless it was on a visit back home.

There was a mid-sized city not far away and there were bars and clubs there but nothing as far as LGBT as far as I could see. This went on for a year and a half until I got an offer for a better job in the big city and I had to take it. It was actually in the same city as my university.

The gay scene there flourished. But the tranny scene really did not. So I would wear a pair of shorts and a tank top and sandals -- and smell really nice and feminine -- and go into a couple of these gay bars.

I just felt really unwelcome in those places. I felt pretty much ignored. Those guys in there were not looking for someone like me. They were looking for the same thing I was -- a hunky guy! Only the old guys would talk to me. But I was not that desperate yet!

I kept going though, but the last straw was when some men in there would say things like "what the fuck are you doing in here" or "get you pretty little ass out of here before we take turns filling it." Sometimes I would leave after not finishing my first drink.

So I did not find myself fitting into the ordinary gay lifestyle. I guess finding a man who wants someone who is a sissy or is transgendered is hard to do, no matter what you see on the Internet.

So, I ended up being with a woman after all. More to come. And oh, does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Are you a man's sissy wife?

I wanted to be in a relationship
 like this couple!  Are you a sissy
 wife to a man?
I have been in love with guys and girls. I have submitted to and pleasured guys and girls. For a while, I wanted to be a man's sissy wife.

As I have written, I did not find my place in the gay world. I got the feeling that most gay guys want to be with a real man just like most sissies and t-girls want to be with a real man. So the pickings for sissies and t-girls are slim.

So, I ended up with a dominant woman, which in some respects is the best of both worlds. I can be submissive and feminine, but much of the time we carry on as a normal couple.

But I was wondering if anyone who looks in here is serving a man as his sissy wife?  I would love to know about your lifestyle. I know I had my ideas about how I would have wanted it and I still fantasize about it!

Also, does anyone know of any blogs about a sissy or t-girl serving as man as his wife?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words!

I fantasize that this is me
with my superior wife's man!
Here's what I see when I look at this photo:

That is me on the left, ha ha of course! And that is my superior wife's man on the right!

My superior wife, who is away on a business trip, has ordered me to go to her man's house to take care of his needs.

She has me go over and clean his house and I am to prepare a nice dinner for him. And have a drink waiting for him as well for when he comes through the door.

My superior wife and her man mandate that I am on female hormones, of course, and present myself as a woman at all times! And when her man arrives home I am to greet him naked -- just like it is depicted in the photo above!

He has the drink that I prepared for him then, as directed by my superior wife, I begin to give him pleasure! I take his clothes off for him and push him back on the bed and immediately begin to devour his big black cock. The scent of his musky balls is intoxicating. Plus the fact that I want to please my superior wife as well because I know her man is going to give her a full report of my performance!

I eat his dick and balls and the whole time I am thinking how this huge black cock must feel in my superior wife's glorious pussy! I think about all the glorious orgasms this man gives her and how he shoots loads and loads of delicious black cum inside her! Of course, that is cum that I have eaten out of my superior wife's glorious pussy!

So I give pleasure to her man's cock for about 15 minutes, licking and slurping it and taking it deep into my throat! I eat it more hungrily when he starts to tense up and moan and I know he is close to blowing his load in my mouth! And when he does I eagerly eat that load just as much as my superior wife does!

When her man is done shooting gobs of cum into my mouth, I follow him into the shower and I bath him and find a robe for him. I serve him the dinner I have prepared for him and also more drinks as he settles in to watch some TV. 

When he says he is tired, I follow him into his bedroom and massage his strong, black muscular body, that body that my superior wife just cannot get enough of! We roll over and he pins down my weak sissy feminine body and he kisses me and thanks me for taking care of him! During this time, he has gotten extremely hard again, so I get on my knees, grab some lube out of the drawer and guide him into my sissy behind!

My superior wife's man proceeds to pound me hard and deep and I moan with pleasure! But it is his moaning that I adore most! And I get great pleasure from knowing that I am taking care of my wife's man in the way that she expects! He moans loudly as he deposits another load in me, this time in my sissy behind and he collapses with his full weight on top of me, pinning down my weakness.

His cell phone rings and it is my superior wife calling to see how things are going. Her man tells her what a great job I am doing taking care of him! Then my superior wife tells her man that she got tied up with business and will have to stay there a couple of more days. Her man looks at me and winks! My superior wife does not even ask to talk to me!

So my superior wife's man pulls me close to him and we cuddle through the night. I love how he holds my smooth weak feminine body in his strong arms, just how he how he holds my superior wife after he fucks her!

In the morning, I wake him up with a blowjob and prepare a nice breakfast for him and look forward to being naked for him and pleasuring him for several more days!

So, ha ha, that is my imagination running wild just by looking at the above photo! Well, what do you think!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Which wife does the cooking at your house?

I do much of the cooking at our house ...
... and I wish it would be like this!
I do much of the cooking in our house, mostly because I want to give my superior wife as much time to relax as possible. She will sit there with a glass of wine in the living room while I prepare dinner and she will tell me about her busy day and I will tell her what I did around the house.

However, she does enjoy cooking and baking as well because she is still, after all, the more feminine partner. Sometimes we will do this together and engage in girl talk while doing it!

And to show how much she appreciates everything I do for her, she will pack a delicious lunch for me to take to work. I do pretty much every other chore around the house so my superior wife can relax when she is at home -- she works some long hours as an exec. But it is comforting that she makes sure I have a nice lunch to take to work.

I know she especially loves to do it because of all the great orgasms I give her! Depending on what's going on -- whether she is tired or one of us is not feeling well, or maybe we are just busy with things -- I pleasure her with my tongue somewhere between 10 and 20 times a week! With no reciprocation 99 percent of the time, of course!

So, what is your cooking arrangement? Do you do the cooking and baking at your house if you are a sissy wife? Do you share it? Are you forbidden to do it (ha ha)?

Friday, April 10, 2015

I am the asshole licker, of course!

Of course, as a sissy wife I submit to my superior wife in just about every way. I do what I am told around the house and in her bed. I have no control over the remote!

I have given her all the orgasms as I should, well maybe 99 percent! You can just tell when we are out together or with friends who exactly is in charge of our relationship. It's just sort of a glow that surrounds us!

But one of the biggest displays of submission, in my humble opinion, depends on who is the asshole licker! Ha ha, of course, that is me! My superior wife would never ever lick my asshole, but I lick hers all the time!

There is the time after I have pleasured her glorious pussy with several orgasms and a slip down an inch to her puckered hole as lick her as she comes down from her latest orgasm.

But then sometimes she will sit her ass on my face and say "Lick" and I do it without complaint until she has had enough. As her submissive I enjoy giving her all the oral pleasure that she wants.

I might add here that not only I have I licked my superior wife's pussy and breasts and ass and asshole, I have licked her entire body on many occasions! Talk about being tiring on a sissy's tongue!

So do you lick your superior woman's or man's asshole? Do you feel that that is just something a sissy should be doing as another way to please her dominant partner? Let us know!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reflections on pussy-eating poll

According to a poll on this blog, 88 percent of you who look in here give your dominant wives oral pleasure without any reciprocation on her part! 

That is so cool! I am so glad that there are others out there who do it the way we do, the way it should be done! I have to say I get great pleasure licking my superior wife to her orgasms. Especially when I have given her that third one interspersed with some cuddling or a massage, other things that my superior wife enjoys!

6 percent in the poll said they need to get off as well. I never ever ask for that. I know my place too well! About 4 times a year or so, my superior wife might pleasure my little sissy clitty to an orgasm and I swallow that little bit of cum. In addition, here and there she might give me a few licks to tease me. She really likes that! 

But do I desire her to reciprocate or do I ask for it? No way! I am submissive to her and it is her pleasure that we concentrate on. Not mine. Of course, I do get my pleasure in giving her those crazy orgasms! 

Why do I do it? Of course, I am submissive to her, but I just have always wished for so long that I had a pussy that I love pussies very much. I have been submissive to men and sucked their cocks, but that is more out of lust. Licking a pussy is more out of adoration, if that makes any sense!

The troubling thing is that 6 percent of you who look in here do not eat your superior wife's pussy! How can you be a sissy wife and not do it! Cmon. Do your sissy wifely duty!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

My superior wife owns me!

Last weekend, my superior wife and I were out to dinner with two other couples, seemingly regular couples, when my superior wife blurted out that she "owns me."

Of course they all laughed and joked "What do you mean?" She proceeded to tell them that she owns my money, she owns my possessions, she owns my time and she owns my body! Everyone had a good time with this.

I just sat there quietly shaking my head yes and finally said "yes, that is true" when it got quiet. The two other women there thought that was so cool. I think the two other guys there were getting worried!

But that is pretty much true. I have to go to work but my superior wife owns my time when I am not there. There's no doubt at all that she owns my money and my body. My possessions, well, she might not want all of them, but takes what she wants.

My reward is that she has kept me as a sissy wife who actually gets to live as a sissy wife! Who actually gets to dress as a sissy girl at home. Who actually gets to take hormones and have breasts. Who actually gets to worship her and give her immense pleasure with my tongue.

What sissy would not want to give up ownership for that!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sissy friends from the past

Two of my sissy friends
growing up are in long-term
gay relationships! 
I have written here about how I found that as a sissy T-girl I did not fit into the gay scene and thus ended up being a submissive sissy wife to a woman.

But over the years, I have been curious to see what happened to my sissy friends that I had growing up. Thanks to Facebook I have been able to investigate and find out some things!

When I was a teen sissy, we used to "play house" and dress up and have boys over to give them blow jobs. My one sissy friend, I found out, is in a longterm relationship with another guy right now and, from looking at his photos, appears to not be transgender.

Another sissy who was just a close friend is also in a gay relationship right now, I have found out. He did not join us when we were dressing up in our mothers' and sister's lingerie and other things. Also is not transgender.

We had a sissy friend who had orange hair in high school. I ran across him on Facebook when he showed up as a friend of a friend. He appears to be single and still looks the same, except no orange hair!

I also know that one fellow sissy who was not really a close friend but who I had classes with was married to a woman. Ran into him at our class reunion two years ago. I remember that my superior wife and I decided that his wife was the dominant partner, for sure!

Some of the guys we sissies gave blow jobs to are still around our area and are married with kids. Chalk it up to raging teen hormones! I guess they wanted blow jobs even if they came from sissies!

Sadly, I found out through Facebook what happened to our town's most notorious sissy. He was not a friend, but lived in the neighborhood. He dressed in girls clothes openly and took a lot of abuse from bullies and even teachers because he acted totally like a limp-wristed lispy sissy. A post on Facebook said that he died of AIDS in the 1990s.

Lost touch with most of my college friends so I will have to think about them a little further. The same with two guys that I gave blow jobs to after college.

So, do you happen to know what happened to your sissy friends growing up?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You have to evolve into being a sissy wife!

I love this cartoon! It has been all over the Internet, but I'm afraid I don't know who to credit.

Anyway, this is the way to live, isn't it! Those of you who live in a situation similar to this know what I am talking about!

But -- and this is a big BUT -- some sissies think they can tell their wife they want to do this and it will happen right away. It most cases, it does not happen that way! My life as a sissy wife has evolved over 25 years time!

Upon meeting me, my wife-to-be did like the way I was from the start because as a sissy I was gentle and meek and caring and submissive and she had just come out of a relationship where the guy was abusive. She said she swore that that would never happen to her again. Well, there was absolutely no danger in that happening with me!

What she especially liked was how I pleasured her pussy with no expectation of reciprocation, such as a blowjob. That's how I treated any girls that wanted to be around me in college. Believe me! Gals love that!

I did tell her how I liked to dress up in girls clothes and always had and she just said she was not surprised. That was a hurdle we did not have to get past, as some couples must.

So, after we got married things just fell into place -- over time. She ran the house while I performed the household duties. She ran what took place in the bedroom, while I performed the submissive duties. It always always always consisted me of pleasuring her pussy with my tongue and if she desired to be penetrated she would always be on top.

Let me stop here and say that I am so small that she required several oral orgasms before riding me because I could not bring her to orgasm that way. More on that later.

I'll talk about some of these things in detail as we go along, but my point right now is that you just don't tell your wife you want to be her submissive sissy. You have to be fortunate enough that SHE wants it that way and just let things evolve the way SHE wants it. I am so fortunate that it has worked out that way for me.

So how did it start or work out or evolve for you?

Monday, January 12, 2015

What do you do after pleasuring your superior wife?

I was just wondering today what other sissy wives do for their superior wives AFTER they have licked them to several glorious orgasms.

I know for us it changes according to what she wants. She may just want to cuddle. She may want me to lick and suck her breasts. She may want to kiss and taste her scent from my lips. She may want a massage. She may want me to lick her asshole. She may roll me over and sit on my face for another orgasm. She may sit her asshole down on my mouth for me to pleasure.

And, ha ha, she may just roll over and go to sleep or tell me to go away!

But the point is, it is up to her!

When we first got married my superior wife may have wanted me to penetrate her, but that did not last long. I am so tiny and lasted only a few seconds so that was a huge waste of time. So we just quit doing that.

After I started on hormones of course the tiny thing just began to remain tiny. Now, my superior wife pretty much ignores it because my tongue is my main sexual organ.

So I was wondering what do you and your superior wife do after her initial oral pleasure? (I am going to create a poll!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It does not get much better than this!

My superior wife told me how lucky
she is to have me!
I wrote something the other day about how appreciative I am to be a sissy wife to a beautiful and dominant woman! How lucky I am that she accepts me as I am. Well, it gets better:

Soon after I wrote that, my superior wife was lamenting that everyone she deals with in her life is a shit. The people at her office. The people she deals with in her business. Our relatives are giving her grief. Especially her two sisters-in-law, even though she really loves her two brothers.

So she's spilling all this out to me and holds me close and tells ME how lucky she is to have ME in her life! She said she can always depend on me and I am always there for her and how I am the best friend she's ever had, ever! Nobody ever took care of her like I do, even her parents. She said she could not imagine having never not known me!

So, I didn't see this coming. I thought she was just going to be teeing off on these people who give her such grief. So I start crying and she's holding me even tighter and she starts crying. Then she starts crying like happy tears and we actually start laughing because of how silly we were being!

She says why don't I grab a bottle of wine so I go down to the basement where we keep it stored to get some and when I go back up to the living room she is on the couch stripped down to her bra and panties. So I laugh and strip down to my bra and panties!

We have some wine and then of course we start necking and I pull her panties off and pleasure her sweet pussy like I always do and give her a glorious orgasm. And she says she loves me so much.

We drank some more wine and she alternated doing that with holding me close. We eventually both got nakie at some point and cuddled while watching the television until we both felt asleep on the couch doing that! And I just felt so very content!

It was just that I feel so lucky to have her because I am sissy wife and not too many of us sissy wives are that fortunate. And there she is telling me how lucky she is that I am in her life!

It does not get much better than that for a sissy wife, does it!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Always striving to be feminine!

I was just doing the laundry for my superior wife just now and had to chuckle at this: 

I was sorting the laundry and as a experienced sissy wife I was sorting by whites,  blacks and pastels. Also, careful to separate the hand washable dainty items!

So I am noticing there are around a half-dozen pairs of sexy pink panties and a similar number of sexy black panties. Of course, you know what I am going to say next! The sexy pink panties were mine! And the sexy black panties belong to my superior wife!

If you are sissy wife, is that the way it is at your house as well?

Also, my superior wife likes to wear satin PJs (top and bottom) to bed -- unless I am pleasuring her, of course. I like to wear -- unless I am nakie too -- something like a baby doll nightie!

Sometimes when we are just lounging around watching TV, she will wear flannel or sweatpants or a sweatwhirt. I do not like those things unless I am going out into the chill. I like to wear a big soft sweater and just panties when we are lounging around.

But the bottom line is a sissy wife should strive to be feminine! I don't mean to upstage your superior wife, but don't shy away from wearing ultra feminine items just because your superior wife might want to give them a break!