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Friday, January 2, 2015

Always striving to be feminine!

I was just doing the laundry for my superior wife just now and had to chuckle at this: 

I was sorting the laundry and as a experienced sissy wife I was sorting by whites,  blacks and pastels. Also, careful to separate the hand washable dainty items!

So I am noticing there are around a half-dozen pairs of sexy pink panties and a similar number of sexy black panties. Of course, you know what I am going to say next! The sexy pink panties were mine! And the sexy black panties belong to my superior wife!

If you are sissy wife, is that the way it is at your house as well?

Also, my superior wife likes to wear satin PJs (top and bottom) to bed -- unless I am pleasuring her, of course. I like to wear -- unless I am nakie too -- something like a baby doll nightie!

Sometimes when we are just lounging around watching TV, she will wear flannel or sweatpants or a sweatwhirt. I do not like those things unless I am going out into the chill. I like to wear a big soft sweater and just panties when we are lounging around.

But the bottom line is a sissy wife should strive to be feminine! I don't mean to upstage your superior wife, but don't shy away from wearing ultra feminine items just because your superior wife might want to give them a break!

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