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Monday, January 26, 2015

Sissy friends from the past

Two of my sissy friends
growing up are in long-term
gay relationships! 
I have written here about how I found that as a sissy T-girl I did not fit into the gay scene and thus ended up being a submissive sissy wife to a woman.

But over the years, I have been curious to see what happened to my sissy friends that I had growing up. Thanks to Facebook I have been able to investigate and find out some things!

When I was a teen sissy, we used to "play house" and dress up and have boys over to give them blow jobs. My one sissy friend, I found out, is in a longterm relationship with another guy right now and, from looking at his photos, appears to not be transgender.

Another sissy who was just a close friend is also in a gay relationship right now, I have found out. He did not join us when we were dressing up in our mothers' and sister's lingerie and other things. Also is not transgender.

We had a sissy friend who had orange hair in high school. I ran across him on Facebook when he showed up as a friend of a friend. He appears to be single and still looks the same, except no orange hair!

I also know that one fellow sissy who was not really a close friend but who I had classes with was married to a woman. Ran into him at our class reunion two years ago. I remember that my superior wife and I decided that his wife was the dominant partner, for sure!

Some of the guys we sissies gave blow jobs to are still around our area and are married with kids. Chalk it up to raging teen hormones! I guess they wanted blow jobs even if they came from sissies!

Sadly, I found out through Facebook what happened to our town's most notorious sissy. He was not a friend, but lived in the neighborhood. He dressed in girls clothes openly and took a lot of abuse from bullies and even teachers because he acted totally like a limp-wristed lispy sissy. A post on Facebook said that he died of AIDS in the 1990s.

Lost touch with most of my college friends so I will have to think about them a little further. The same with two guys that I gave blow jobs to after college.

So, do you happen to know what happened to your sissy friends growing up?

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  1. Wow! Surprised that no one else played house with other sissies or at least had sissy friends or knew other sissies!