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Monday, January 12, 2015

What do you do after pleasuring your superior wife?

I was just wondering today what other sissy wives do for their superior wives AFTER they have licked them to several glorious orgasms.

I know for us it changes according to what she wants. She may just want to cuddle. She may want me to lick and suck her breasts. She may want to kiss and taste her scent from my lips. She may want a massage. She may want me to lick her asshole. She may roll me over and sit on my face for another orgasm. She may sit her asshole down on my mouth for me to pleasure.

And, ha ha, she may just roll over and go to sleep or tell me to go away!

But the point is, it is up to her!

When we first got married my superior wife may have wanted me to penetrate her, but that did not last long. I am so tiny and lasted only a few seconds so that was a huge waste of time. So we just quit doing that.

After I started on hormones of course the tiny thing just began to remain tiny. Now, my superior wife pretty much ignores it because my tongue is my main sexual organ.

So I was wondering what do you and your superior wife do after her initial oral pleasure? (I am going to create a poll!)


  1. it used to be the same for me but my Superior Wife has moved away for 2 years to help out daughter, while i maintain the house and help our other daughter