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Thursday, March 19, 2015

My superior wife owns me!

Last weekend, my superior wife and I were out to dinner with two other couples, seemingly regular couples, when my superior wife blurted out that she "owns me."

Of course they all laughed and joked "What do you mean?" She proceeded to tell them that she owns my money, she owns my possessions, she owns my time and she owns my body! Everyone had a good time with this.

I just sat there quietly shaking my head yes and finally said "yes, that is true" when it got quiet. The two other women there thought that was so cool. I think the two other guys there were getting worried!

But that is pretty much true. I have to go to work but my superior wife owns my time when I am not there. There's no doubt at all that she owns my money and my body. My possessions, well, she might not want all of them, but takes what she wants.

My reward is that she has kept me as a sissy wife who actually gets to live as a sissy wife! Who actually gets to dress as a sissy girl at home. Who actually gets to take hormones and have breasts. Who actually gets to worship her and give her immense pleasure with my tongue.

What sissy would not want to give up ownership for that!


  1. Your success in being a sissy wife is that you get pleasure in giving pleasure to her and I tell you that its lovely feeling. Its worth giving up your independence. I am loving each and every moment of this life style.

  2. CD: Yes, I have never regretted giving up my independence to serve my superior wife! It is certainly worth it! So many sissy T-girls do not have good outcomes with their wives. I owe my superior wife everything for accepting me and keeping me! How many sissy T-girls actually get to live their lives that way and also be happy about it?