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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Not much action/comments/responses here anymore!

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  1. Stevie, I've never really found someone who addressed my Sissy side so well as you do. I am not married because I have always been very shy around girls and despite the fact I enjoy giving head I am not gay either. In the relationships I have had the girl initiated the contact. I may have smiled and looked down, however, and little did I know, I was essentially playing the part of the girl... I enjoy housework and prefer to the rigors of the real world. I have always been taken care of and I am somewhat ashamed to say I suppose I always will be. I found girls in high school beautiful to the point I looked them like they looked at guys. I was even the "pet" of a few cheerleaders who I desperately loved. The part that really draws a similarity with you is that I did not desire to penetrate them but to taste them... All of my fantasies involved be allowed to orally make love to them... I would start with delicate feet and kiss my way up smooth legs, which I adore, and then on to the reward I didn't get for a while... I am not a penetrative male. My relationships have been as a somewhat submissive male lesbian of sorts... I adored having her queen me and, if she would, hold my hands over my head as I brought her to orgasm after orgasm... I can honestly say the happiest I have EVER been, has been with my head between a girls legs, after bringing her to orgasm, when she was squeezing my head between her thighs, and I could feel the muscle spasms... I felt no need for her to attend to me whether she did or not... My happiness was in seeing her happiness and pleasure. I've never been more satiated or content to cuddle up to her with her juices on my lips, and her taste sweetly heavy in my mouth... She had given me my pleasure and she did not even know it... I understand much of what you talk about and while I don't always shave my legs(I wish I did) or wear panties, I understand or rather feel a very deep bond to what you say... You are not alone. I am actually thinking about HRT and transition... I don't know if I am strong enough to undergo GRS, FFS, Breast Implants, and the rest... My wonderful lesbian therapist, whom I love as a person, told me after much sharing that I am a girl inside(which I have always felt) and I am a lesbian via sexual identity... I am also submissive in a sweet way. I pray that my wife is out there, and she needs to be dominant for me to even be interested, and I hope that I make out the other end as something other than a freak... I'll stay in touch. Marilyn.