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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words!

I fantasize that this is me
with my superior wife's man!
Here's what I see when I look at this photo:

That is me on the left, ha ha of course! And that is my superior wife's man on the right!

My superior wife, who is away on a business trip, has ordered me to go to her man's house to take care of his needs.

She has me go over and clean his house and I am to prepare a nice dinner for him. And have a drink waiting for him as well for when he comes through the door.

My superior wife and her man mandate that I am on female hormones, of course, and present myself as a woman at all times! And when her man arrives home I am to greet him naked -- just like it is depicted in the photo above!

He has the drink that I prepared for him then, as directed by my superior wife, I begin to give him pleasure! I take his clothes off for him and push him back on the bed and immediately begin to devour his big black cock. The scent of his musky balls is intoxicating. Plus the fact that I want to please my superior wife as well because I know her man is going to give her a full report of my performance!

I eat his dick and balls and the whole time I am thinking how this huge black cock must feel in my superior wife's glorious pussy! I think about all the glorious orgasms this man gives her and how he shoots loads and loads of delicious black cum inside her! Of course, that is cum that I have eaten out of my superior wife's glorious pussy!

So I give pleasure to her man's cock for about 15 minutes, licking and slurping it and taking it deep into my throat! I eat it more hungrily when he starts to tense up and moan and I know he is close to blowing his load in my mouth! And when he does I eagerly eat that load just as much as my superior wife does!

When her man is done shooting gobs of cum into my mouth, I follow him into the shower and I bath him and find a robe for him. I serve him the dinner I have prepared for him and also more drinks as he settles in to watch some TV. 

When he says he is tired, I follow him into his bedroom and massage his strong, black muscular body, that body that my superior wife just cannot get enough of! We roll over and he pins down my weak sissy feminine body and he kisses me and thanks me for taking care of him! During this time, he has gotten extremely hard again, so I get on my knees, grab some lube out of the drawer and guide him into my sissy behind!

My superior wife's man proceeds to pound me hard and deep and I moan with pleasure! But it is his moaning that I adore most! And I get great pleasure from knowing that I am taking care of my wife's man in the way that she expects! He moans loudly as he deposits another load in me, this time in my sissy behind and he collapses with his full weight on top of me, pinning down my weakness.

His cell phone rings and it is my superior wife calling to see how things are going. Her man tells her what a great job I am doing taking care of him! Then my superior wife tells her man that she got tied up with business and will have to stay there a couple of more days. Her man looks at me and winks! My superior wife does not even ask to talk to me!

So my superior wife's man pulls me close to him and we cuddle through the night. I love how he holds my smooth weak feminine body in his strong arms, just how he how he holds my superior wife after he fucks her!

In the morning, I wake him up with a blowjob and prepare a nice breakfast for him and look forward to being naked for him and pleasuring him for several more days!

So, ha ha, that is my imagination running wild just by looking at the above photo! Well, what do you think!


  1. What do I think? I think it sounds like heaven here on earth. That's what I think! What an awesome fantasy!!!

  2. I love your imagination. This is literally what I want.