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Friday, April 10, 2015

I am the asshole licker, of course!

Of course, as a sissy wife I submit to my superior wife in just about every way. I do what I am told around the house and in her bed. I have no control over the remote!

I have given her all the orgasms as I should, well maybe 99 percent! You can just tell when we are out together or with friends who exactly is in charge of our relationship. It's just sort of a glow that surrounds us!

But one of the biggest displays of submission, in my humble opinion, depends on who is the asshole licker! Ha ha, of course, that is me! My superior wife would never ever lick my asshole, but I lick hers all the time!

There is the time after I have pleasured her glorious pussy with several orgasms and a slip down an inch to her puckered hole as lick her as she comes down from her latest orgasm.

But then sometimes she will sit her ass on my face and say "Lick" and I do it without complaint until she has had enough. As her submissive I enjoy giving her all the oral pleasure that she wants.

I might add here that not only I have I licked my superior wife's pussy and breasts and ass and asshole, I have licked her entire body on many occasions! Talk about being tiring on a sissy's tongue!

So do you lick your superior woman's or man's asshole? Do you feel that that is just something a sissy should be doing as another way to please her dominant partner? Let us know!


  1. I have tried to service my superior wife's asshole but she feels that it is too unhealthy (even after she has just come out of the shower). I have gotten close several times and found her scent mixed with her womanly essence intoxicating.I do wish she would allow it.


  2. Too bad because if she is clean then there is no problem. But to me, it is the whole idea of doing such a submissive thing! And knowing that since my wife is superior over me she would never ever do that. You know you are low on the totem pole if you lick another person's asshole. But to a submissive sissy that is really great thing!

  3. My Domme has just recently become interested in rimming. Just this morning we explored it in the shower for the first time. I will admit, I was a little nervous at first, but as we got going it was extremely fun and arousing.

    It's going to be fun exploring it more ^.^