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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

No sissy friends, but close!

A loyal follower of this blog asked me recently if I had any sissy friends to interact with. Unfortunately, I have to say, I do not. I have really not had a regular sissy girlfriend since college.

The reason for that probably is that I don't really have a lot of friends period. I have my family and my superior wife's family and I have my co-workers. I have my superior wife's friends. But because of my work duties and the duties I have worshiping and serving my superior wife, I just don't have a lot of friends to call my own anymore.

However, I am happy to say that I do have an alternative to having sissy friends. I meet regularly with ladies who live in our neighborhood. We meet over coffee and maybe do crafts or gardening. We talk about fashion and our spouses, of course. Sometimes we will go shopping or for lunch. My superior wife encourages my visits with the neighbor gals!

What's funny is that the husbands of these gals have no problem with it! They know the way I am -- I am harmless, of course -- and they know my situation with my superior wife.

But these visits with the neighborhood gals remind me of how as a young sissy I would spend such quality time with my mother and sisters and also my aunts and female cousins. That is how I learned how to cook and bake and sew and do other girlie things.

Also as a young sissy I had a sissy friend I would "play house" with. We would dress up, of course, and give blow jobs to boys who would come around! It would be wonderful to have such a friend today, but sadly that is not the case. 

I have my superior wife to serve and worship and that takes most of my time, so I am happen to get a break and spend some time with the gals in my neighborhood who treat me like one of the girls!


  1. I am glad to hear you get together with your neighbors. I wish I lived close to you, I would love to be your friend!

  2. Interacting with real women your own age, who are in similar circumstances to you is a wonderful way to enjoy your feminine feelings. But yes, it is nice to have some sissy friends.


    sissy terri

  3. I wish that I could do the same but in India, being a sissy is something to be ridiculed and even my superior wife wont approve of myself interacting with other ladies. However, it is nice to know that you can live the life of your dreams and be accepted socially too.

  4. I live in an over 55 community. not well known as a sissy wife. I am open to be friends with the lady neighbors though
    thanks again to you Stevie

  5. Another funny this is that my mother-in-law, who is also a very dominant woman, accepted me as a sissy many years ago! We spend a lot of time shopping or doing crafts or just gossiping over coffee!