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Monday, November 2, 2015

Drinking a superior woman's pee !

I am not going to brag that I am some sort of toilet slave, because that is not the case at all. But, having said that, I have drank my superior wife's pee probably a couple dozen times over the years! 

As a submissive sissy, I would do it more and whenever told to, but my superior wife is not especially into peeing in my mouth!

Still, she has done it and liked it! Probably a dozen times I was giving her such intense oral orgasms that she just totally lost it and began peeing and I of course clamped my mouth down on her beautiful pussy and drank it all in! She felt embarrassed the first time she let loose and I told her I was perfectly fine with it! So she was not so embarrassed the next times she did it that was for sure!

Then there was the first time that she actually did use me as a toilet. I was about to start worshiping her beautiful pussy as I always do and she said to wait a minute because she had to pee really bad. I said to her to let me take care of her need. So she moved up and sat on my mouth and peed in my mouth until she was done! I continued sucking and licking her pussy until she had a wonderful orgasm! And she found that to be so hot! So we have done that probably many times as well!

An especially great time is when my superior wife has to pee in the morning and she will say she is so tired and doesn't want to get out of bed and so I will take care of her need to go!

In addition to that, I will lick my superior wife's pussy clean the times after she has crawled out of bed and gone to the bathroom then crawled back into bed. I told her how much I need to taste her and she has grown to love it!

But I love to submit to my superior wife is all ways! And drinking her pee is just one of those things that make us both happy!

So, have you drank the pee of a superior woman or even a man if that is who you are with?