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Monday, January 26, 2015

Sissy friends from the past

Two of my sissy friends
growing up are in long-term
gay relationships! 
I have written here about how I found that as a sissy T-girl I did not fit into the gay scene and thus ended up being a submissive sissy wife to a woman.

But over the years, I have been curious to see what happened to my sissy friends that I had growing up. Thanks to Facebook I have been able to investigate and find out some things!

When I was a teen sissy, we used to "play house" and dress up and have boys over to give them blow jobs. My one sissy friend, I found out, is in a longterm relationship with another guy right now and, from looking at his photos, appears to not be transgender.

Another sissy who was just a close friend is also in a gay relationship right now, I have found out. He did not join us when we were dressing up in our mothers' and sister's lingerie and other things. Also is not transgender.

We had a sissy friend who had orange hair in high school. I ran across him on Facebook when he showed up as a friend of a friend. He appears to be single and still looks the same, except no orange hair!

I also know that one fellow sissy who was not really a close friend but who I had classes with was married to a woman. Ran into him at our class reunion two years ago. I remember that my superior wife and I decided that his wife was the dominant partner, for sure!

Some of the guys we sissies gave blow jobs to are still around our area and are married with kids. Chalk it up to raging teen hormones! I guess they wanted blow jobs even if they came from sissies!

Sadly, I found out through Facebook what happened to our town's most notorious sissy. He was not a friend, but lived in the neighborhood. He dressed in girls clothes openly and took a lot of abuse from bullies and even teachers because he acted totally like a limp-wristed lispy sissy. A post on Facebook said that he died of AIDS in the 1990s.

Lost touch with most of my college friends so I will have to think about them a little further. The same with two guys that I gave blow jobs to after college.

So, do you happen to know what happened to your sissy friends growing up?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

You have to evolve into being a sissy wife!

I love this cartoon! It has been all over the Internet, but I'm afraid I don't know who to credit.

Anyway, this is the way to live, isn't it! Those of you who live in a situation similar to this know what I am talking about!

But -- and this is a big BUT -- some sissies think they can tell their wife they want to do this and it will happen right away. It most cases, it does not happen that way! My life as a sissy wife has evolved over 25 years time!

Upon meeting me, my wife-to-be did like the way I was from the start because as a sissy I was gentle and meek and caring and submissive and she had just come out of a relationship where the guy was abusive. She said she swore that that would never happen to her again. Well, there was absolutely no danger in that happening with me!

What she especially liked was how I pleasured her pussy with no expectation of reciprocation, such as a blowjob. That's how I treated any girls that wanted to be around me in college. Believe me! Gals love that!

I did tell her how I liked to dress up in girls clothes and always had and she just said she was not surprised. That was a hurdle we did not have to get past, as some couples must.

So, after we got married things just fell into place -- over time. She ran the house while I performed the household duties. She ran what took place in the bedroom, while I performed the submissive duties. It always always always consisted me of pleasuring her pussy with my tongue and if she desired to be penetrated she would always be on top.

Let me stop here and say that I am so small that she required several oral orgasms before riding me because I could not bring her to orgasm that way. More on that later.

I'll talk about some of these things in detail as we go along, but my point right now is that you just don't tell your wife you want to be her submissive sissy. You have to be fortunate enough that SHE wants it that way and just let things evolve the way SHE wants it. I am so fortunate that it has worked out that way for me.

So how did it start or work out or evolve for you?

Monday, January 12, 2015

What do you do after pleasuring your superior wife?

I was just wondering today what other sissy wives do for their superior wives AFTER they have licked them to several glorious orgasms.

I know for us it changes according to what she wants. She may just want to cuddle. She may want me to lick and suck her breasts. She may want to kiss and taste her scent from my lips. She may want a massage. She may want me to lick her asshole. She may roll me over and sit on my face for another orgasm. She may sit her asshole down on my mouth for me to pleasure.

And, ha ha, she may just roll over and go to sleep or tell me to go away!

But the point is, it is up to her!

When we first got married my superior wife may have wanted me to penetrate her, but that did not last long. I am so tiny and lasted only a few seconds so that was a huge waste of time. So we just quit doing that.

After I started on hormones of course the tiny thing just began to remain tiny. Now, my superior wife pretty much ignores it because my tongue is my main sexual organ.

So I was wondering what do you and your superior wife do after her initial oral pleasure? (I am going to create a poll!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It does not get much better than this!

My superior wife told me how lucky
she is to have me!
I wrote something the other day about how appreciative I am to be a sissy wife to a beautiful and dominant woman! How lucky I am that she accepts me as I am. Well, it gets better:

Soon after I wrote that, my superior wife was lamenting that everyone she deals with in her life is a shit. The people at her office. The people she deals with in her business. Our relatives are giving her grief. Especially her two sisters-in-law, even though she really loves her two brothers.

So she's spilling all this out to me and holds me close and tells ME how lucky she is to have ME in her life! She said she can always depend on me and I am always there for her and how I am the best friend she's ever had, ever! Nobody ever took care of her like I do, even her parents. She said she could not imagine having never not known me!

So, I didn't see this coming. I thought she was just going to be teeing off on these people who give her such grief. So I start crying and she's holding me even tighter and she starts crying. Then she starts crying like happy tears and we actually start laughing because of how silly we were being!

She says why don't I grab a bottle of wine so I go down to the basement where we keep it stored to get some and when I go back up to the living room she is on the couch stripped down to her bra and panties. So I laugh and strip down to my bra and panties!

We have some wine and then of course we start necking and I pull her panties off and pleasure her sweet pussy like I always do and give her a glorious orgasm. And she says she loves me so much.

We drank some more wine and she alternated doing that with holding me close. We eventually both got nakie at some point and cuddled while watching the television until we both felt asleep on the couch doing that! And I just felt so very content!

It was just that I feel so lucky to have her because I am sissy wife and not too many of us sissy wives are that fortunate. And there she is telling me how lucky she is that I am in her life!

It does not get much better than that for a sissy wife, does it!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Always striving to be feminine!

I was just doing the laundry for my superior wife just now and had to chuckle at this: 

I was sorting the laundry and as a experienced sissy wife I was sorting by whites,  blacks and pastels. Also, careful to separate the hand washable dainty items!

So I am noticing there are around a half-dozen pairs of sexy pink panties and a similar number of sexy black panties. Of course, you know what I am going to say next! The sexy pink panties were mine! And the sexy black panties belong to my superior wife!

If you are sissy wife, is that the way it is at your house as well?

Also, my superior wife likes to wear satin PJs (top and bottom) to bed -- unless I am pleasuring her, of course. I like to wear -- unless I am nakie too -- something like a baby doll nightie!

Sometimes when we are just lounging around watching TV, she will wear flannel or sweatpants or a sweatwhirt. I do not like those things unless I am going out into the chill. I like to wear a big soft sweater and just panties when we are lounging around.

But the bottom line is a sissy wife should strive to be feminine! I don't mean to upstage your superior wife, but don't shy away from wearing ultra feminine items just because your superior wife might want to give them a break!