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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Scolded for my breast size!

I am so fortunate that my superior wife accepts me as a sissy wife! I know from reading others' stories on the internet that that is not commonly the case.

But I get in trouble sometimes:

Maybe for not doing my chores or not doing them properly enough to suit my superior wife.

Maybe for complaining -- which she really hates!

Maybe for not putting 150 percent into eating her beautiful pussy because I might be tired or something. But that is absolutely not the case!

But the latest thing that got me in trouble is sort of funny:

My superior wife is very athletic. She has muscles where I don't. She also does not have big breasts. Enough to suit the French, but not that big.

One night after I pleasured her glorious pussy several times and I was denied of course, we were cuddling with our breasts together and she says, "Your breasts are bigger than mine!"

She goes on: "What the fuck! That's not fair!"

I thought uh oh. But I know that she loves me the way I am and I am so good to her! We sucked and licked each other's nipples and breasts and the moment passed. 

She does love my breasts and my smooth girlie body, but I can see where she was coming from. She has repeated that feeling but I know that she is just messing with me.

Oh, I forgot. My superior wife is a 34B and I am a 38B, for the record.

Is there anyone else out there who is a sissy wife who has breasts issues with their superior wife!